A Chosen Result

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addiction is a plague for so many...a thing so simple can destroy so much so fast, and so cold....

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007




A Chosen Result


You can't feel me

You only want to steal me

And leave me

Try to mislead me

From where I'm going

Into where I've been

You say it's too late

You intimidate

My heart you obliterate

Just another chosen result


Forget the facts

I never know anything

But a tradition of your dirty sting

The pain that holds me tight

How is this right?

The eerie still

Save the trouble

Throw me from the sill

The blood I spill

You take my pills so it makes you ill

So high yet so low

You run from the window

They make you itch

Slap on another stitch


It's no one's fault

Just a chosen result


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