As Days Go By

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Anger and pain hurts so deep that time will only tell if one will heal as days go by....

any comments are greatly appreciated....

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007




 As Days Go By


I threw it away for anger and pain

Just to refuse another way

I couldn't cope

Walk to only fall on a slope

So full of hate and too full of love

Too much compassion, so early and for too long

The malevolence from you and above

It's not where we came from


Identity mistaken

Trust forsaken

Did you realize who was breaking?

And who was faking?

Did you know who to trust and who would bust?

How can gold turn to rust?


Be sure to think, thoughts conjuring

Be silent, unexploring

Peace and quiet, is it really?

Driven insane, floor to ceiling

Stand before me and lie

Do it again

This time, an eye for an eye

Days go by and never ask why

A love left wry


Before a look of love?, a look of lust?

Ashes to ashesdust to dust

A life left a mere crust

An outer shell covered in rust

An empty inside

Will make you hide

You couldn't confide

And you chose to die?




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