Fear & Loathing

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Mumblings of a 30 something man

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



Fuck them, fuck you, fuck everybody else Fuck the pretty girls with their phony wealth Fuck the pretty boys in skinny jeans, Head full of nothing and leaking at the seems.

Fuck the business men doing business deals, Slit the throat of Christ to drive fancy wheels, Shame your Mother and betray your name, You lose yourself with every gain.

Fuck the city boys with their city toys, They talk so loud but they make no noise, Penthouse apartments with double height ceilings, Shelter the lives of men without meaning.

Fuck the salesmen, the marketers, the sellers of goods, Promise you the world while they hide ‘neath the hood, Fuck their lies, their smiles and their blatant backhands, Telling me I need their bullshit to know who I am.

Fuck the politicians, the lawyers and all the MP’s, Preaching of morality while they live life on their knees, Fuck the courts, fuck the law, fuck the system they govern, You promised us justice but delivered us nothing.

Fuck the racists, the bigots, the fascists and the left, Fuck all of their words that leave good men bereft, Fuck the skinheads, the nazi’s, fuck the BNP, Convincing the minds of weak men, but they don’t convince me.

Fuck the white guys who spend 20 years on the dole, Blaming the ‘Paki’s’ for their life in a hole, Fuck the scroungers, the chavs and the teenage bums, All run and hide when consequence comes.

Fuck the liars, the adulteress and the eternal cheats, It’s all of your voices that have made me so weak, Fuck your morals, your ethics and your bankrupt philosophy, Im nothing like you, but your just like me!!!

Fuck the depressed, the weak, the lost and the lame, Your life lived you and you lost the game, Surrendered your self to fear and loathing, Lived your life as a sheep, in see through clothing.

Fuck religion, fuck martyrs, fuck Jihad and the like, You kill in the name of a God out of sight, Do you really believe that he likes what you do, And somehow his justice will overlook you?

Fuck the Catholic priests with their wandering hands, Masturbating a child was not in Gods plans, Preach your sermon..... Proclaim He is Gods son, Whilst all the while your robes are covered in cum. You were meant to protect them from all of life’s stains, Instead, you wrapped their innocence in adult chains.

Innocence stolen and cast asunder, You robbed a generation of awe and wonder.

Fuck the hard men, the doormen the wannabe fighter, Who offer their fists to every encounter. Masculinity defined by cuts and bruises Oh Mr fighting man, it’s only you who ever loses.

Fuck the drug dealers, the thieves, and the paper gangster, You blacken my streets and make my people darker There ain’t no such thing as being a solider for the ‘streets’ Your a joke to every other human you meet.

Fuck the upper classes on their judgement seats, Casting aspersions on the working class meek. Commanding the world from your ivory tower Believing your wealth will spare you from even the darkest hour.

Never worked a day in your life, don’t know what work even means You aint never picked up a tool, ain’t never worked a machine.

Fuck the do-gooders, the vegans and the green brigade Give your life to a cause that exists in the shade. Do you know that 1 in 3 go to bed hungry.?...No one gives a shit about saving your tree

Fuck the self righteous no-nothings and the arm chair philosophers Fuck the capitalist, the marxist and the weekend warriors Fuck the D listers who sell their soul for fame, sex tapes and scandals and kilos of cocaine Fuck the gossip mags and their gutter tales, being fat is ugly but being thin is ok It’s all about how you look and never what you say!!!.

Get tits, get mini skirt, get oversized sunglasses. You wont find yourself by showing the world your ass’s.

So now what else is there for me to say, sometimes i just see the world this way.

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