This is a poem about the angel and devil in each of us as
a society as well as in an individual. It was a very painful
poem for me to write in a painful time. It helped me cope
with the loss of a great love at a monumental price...
any comments or criticism is encouraged....
this poem is in the process of being published in a book called Immortal Verses ....thanks for taking your time to read my work... Joe






Angel, Angel of the right

Angel, Angel do you have the might

Angel, Angel do you have the fight


Devil, Devil of the left

Devil, Devil of the theft

Devil, Devil is there anything left


What's in the middle knows only god

Oh please, let it not be fraud

Not money

Not greed

Dictate what you need and never concede


Let the Angel's faith of good guide you to the right

Because my soul sometimes fails to have the might

Not to fail

Only to flourish

Your love that I forever nourish


Forever with the devil

Forever with the Angel

I wish you never fell



Submitted: December 27, 2006

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That was really good, so sad, I felt the same way while writing To: A world. Very nice piece... :(

Sat, January 13th, 2007 2:40am


thank you very much...

Fri, January 12th, 2007 6:44pm

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