Is This The End

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this is a poem about domestic violencein the world and about how persistant people are to prove something and then get the worst results....violence is never the answer...

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007





Is This The End 


Pick me up just to throw me down even harder

What's the reason, what's your charger?

Better turn left to join the merger

Here comes the power surge

Electricity flowing, ever growing

Like you've never seen before


You hurt me again

Shame on me

Without apologies

A stained memory you left me

The scars you let bleed

You had what you needed

All the trust, conceited


For the hundredth time

Grab the knife and go at it

Leave me left for dead

Don't fuck with my head

Just leave me for dead


Leave more scars

To prove you've gone so far

Unaware the pain

If only the tears could disappear with the rain


The knife in my back

Left so deep

Try to scream, only a muffled peep

Can't scream

Can't cry

Too cold

Too weakened

You go to make another's end


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