My Thoughts on Society

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Title pretty much says it all. This is not supposed to make people overly pleased with my opinion but to simply express said opinion.

Submitted: November 25, 2008

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Submitted: November 25, 2008



I'm in a sad state
Of losing what it means
To be a human being
And i know its not a passing trend
Or a matter of time
I know its simply a sign
That I am not who i once was
I'm becoming what i could be

Losing my humanity
with each passing second
so many bad tastes
Scatter across my tongue
Left to linger and sting
By those i call brother and sister

Some will say its a cry for help
I want you to save me from this
But the opposite is true
I'm saving myself from the rest of you
Preserving my sanity
For all to see
That we are inatelly evil
And will all ignore
What is apparent and evident
As a darkened cloud is to rain
Yet we will not act
Sted suffer the pangs of pain
And the numbing of society
In order to be comfortable
In order to grow complacent
Fat and "happy"

You all take for granted
Each day what is most important
With out, none of this could exist
Each breath you take is taken 3 breaths before
Always looking to the future for whats next
Instead of being happy with the here and now
You take for granted your life as a whole
Like it is some right
Upon entering this ether
Like it can not be taken from you
At a seconds lapse of judgement

You fools, herded like a few sheep
In a finite pasture set beside the sea
being pushed ever closer to the edge
Set to fall a 1000 feet to a black abyss
Full of jagged rocks and serpents
Waiting to rip you to shreds
At a moments notice
Yet as though you have blinders
You proceed foward as though
To except another's plan for your life
When you are the only one
Who can decide what your life means

I can't elude to a feeling of pity
Because it's just not there
If you take for granted what is most precious
Then you diserve your end
And be assured it will come
Unfilled, useless, wasted

To fight would be to natural
For most to handle
To much of a regression
To much of an affirmation
That we are in fact animals
The same as your pet at home
Why, i do not know

Instead we lie, cheat and steal
To feel vilified
To some how correct any sort
Of act that we construde
As an injustice
Cast upon our person
At any given juncture in time
Without first looking at the situation
At hand and handeling it accordingly
If anything this is purely animalistic
So are you so different
Then what we strive to seperate from

I chose to seperate my thoughts
From the general society
I am sick to my stomach
With how we have developed
So complacent, so greedy, so self centered
It is horrid, evil, sadistic
I refuse to take my life for granted
Refuse to be complacent
Refuse your ways
Call me what you will
It makes no difference
I am all but lost to you now

© Copyright 2018 Robert Dawkins. All rights reserved.

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