Sometimes they cry

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My made up legend of a girl in the snow who kills you

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



There once lived a girl on an island off the coast of the serene Bermudas. She lived a happy life along with her family and friends. The girl used to run all over the island and dance under the cool rain. Her smile filled the hearts of many especially of a man she had no recognition of. The man watched her as she blossomed into a teenage beauty over the years. He stalked her with video cameras and voice recorders. She never knew. Then one day, the day to spread her wings came. She was leaving the island.

The man was filled a terrifying rage. He didn't want her to leave because he was bound to the island. The island was both his sanctuary and his cell. It was were he was born and were he was condemned. Trapped by his father for falling in love with the demons of heaven. He once tried to free her from his father's imprisonment. In doing so he wasted away the lives of his fellow brothering. In a desperate attempt to stop her, he sent her love poems declaring his undying love. Sadly she refused him for she had another lover waiting for her at the other end.

The day came for her to leave and the man made his move to finish her. He spotted her off the coast on a boat. His body transformed into a skinless creature with horns and skeletal like wings sprouting from its back. He flew over her and snatched her towards the sky. She screamed and prayed but it was of no use. Death's kiss was soon to come.

He dragged her away into the forests of the island and did away with her.


"Hey Nyhm you heard about that girl?" asked David to his friend. Nyhm nodded his head in disapproval and turned to face the muddy ground "what girl?" David approached him and patted his back hard. "You know, the girl in the forest" Nyhm lifted his head up high and sniffed the bitter cold air. It was snowing. The bare naked trees stood lifeless in their presence. The landscape was painted in a mellow white and the sky was dark grey. Clouds hovered ominously over their heads. "I don't have time for you stories David" said a discouraged Nyhm as he carefully pulled himself to his feet.

He walked away deep into the forests of the island. As he walked he glanced from corner to corner and everywhere he looked he saw white. Nyhm sighed in disappointment. He had to get home before the snow started again.

Suddenly a soft cry invaded the air. Nyhm turned around to see a figure dance in the snow. It was a most marvelous sight and he was almost seduced until he got a closer look.

The figure turned out to be a corpse hanged from a rope on a tall bare tree. The wind had given it life and it was why it appeared to be dancing. Nyhm held his breath back to avoid screaming in horror. He stared at the body in confusion as he edged closer. The body was that of a girl's and it was naked. Large heavy scars decorated the arms especially the wrists. The skin was pale blue and cold.

Nyhm was standing so close to the body that he could almost feel it breathing on him. He jumped back in fright as soon as he saw her left arms move. He sighed and realized that it was just his imagination. "Damn"

He closed his eyes in relief only to feel two cold hands caressing his cheeks. He opened his eyes and saw that the body was touching him. Nyhm jumped back and merely toppled into the soft snow.

The rope snapped as the body tried to desperately free itself. She fell on him and stared with glassy empty eyes. A chill ran down Nyhm's spine as he began to piece what was happening. He had apparently disturbed the grave of a lost soul.

He pushed her away and rose to his feet. She laid there on the snow so silently that it was as if she wasn't even there. Tiny tears streamed down her cheeks as she cried "don't leave me"

Nyhm turned around to run only to be greeted by a cold sharp hand. The hand sank its way into his chest and exited through the his back. He started to cough out large amounts of blood as he realized who his attacker was.

A man covered in blood and snow appeared. "Didn't you hear? She wants you to stay" he said in a cold dark voice.

The man grabbed Nyhm by the neck and lifted him towards the sky. He began pushing his hand again and again into Nyhm's chest and stomach. Blood splattered violently against the unforgiving snow.

He grabbed the rope and wrapped it around the boy's neck. It was then when he was hanged.

Nyhm began to cry tears of blood as he watched the fallen girl smile. She danced under him while his blood poured onto her lips. "Yes my dear, keep dancing like you did many years ago" said the man coldly.

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