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Just random typing. Emotional shit.
Even though it's just rambling on, I'd still love feedback and comments. xoxo

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



My heart, cold and seemingly forgotten is splayed out like a butterfly stuck to a science board, pinned open for examination. No one to save me, no one to hear me shout. My blood roils, threatening to spill out through my veins. Boiling inside my chest with a fury and rage that is incomparable to any other.  My passion, once a bright and burning flame, has been snuffed out by the realizations of this life, this world we are forced to live in. My spirit, once so lively and carefree, has been shackled with unbreakable chains of sadness and sorrow, held down by fear. My smile, once beautifully breathtaking, has been stolen from my mouth. Replacing it is a worn, tired frown, never to be turned upside down again. My body, beaten down and weathered, is simply a shell of what was once called a human being. My love, previously sought after by so many has now been cast aside, and given attention by no one. My life, in shambles. Mere threads of the formerly rich, woven tapestry that colored my existence. Nothing is left but the frame. The bones of an extravagant mansion now left to rot and spoil in the sun, its insides ravaged with the elements of the Earth. Myself, broken. 

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