Gay Marriage- or as I call it, Marriage!

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A discussion of gay marriage- why there's no need to fear it!

Submitted: January 03, 2014

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Submitted: January 03, 2014



Before we can discuss the merits of 'gay' marriage, we need to actually define marriage. What exactly IS marriage?

If you accept religious definitions as your own then marriage is an everlasting bond between a man and a woman- a holy union, witnessed by God.

Fair enough, if you're religious. But what if you're not?

After all, not everyone believes in God and not everyone is a Christian, yet it often seems like (especially in the USA but in other parts of the world as well) hardcore elements within Christian and conservative societies are committed to imposing their view of what marriage is on everyone else.

They would have you believe marriage is and can only be a religious institution, when surely, surely, it's open to far more people than that?

The biggest flaw with right-wing thinking on this issue though, is not how they define marriage or try to limit who it applies to- it's the slippery slope they go down when discussing the consequences.

So what are the consequences of gay marriage? If you believe the scaremongering right-wingers, it will be the collapse of society as we know it, with good old-fashioned family values disintegrating and the rise of pedophilia (yes, that really as an argument, one I've seen opponents of gay marriage make).

But is this really likely?

The short answer is no. Hence why I refer to the actions of gay marriage opponents as scare-mongers. If you believed everyone whose made such impassioned arguments down the years, women would not have the vote, slavery would still exist and we'd still believe the sun moved around the earth.

I've also seen the argument that gays are not interested in loving relationships, but only in sex, which is rubbish. I personally know homosexual couples and I can assure you they are together out of love, and are not the promiscuous sorts that anti-gay arguers would have you believe.

The only difference between myself and a person of homosexual persuasion is their sexual preference. That's it. Remember that people.

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