Waiting impatiently for Fall

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Article about waiting for the weather to cool so I can start baking a bunch of stuff.

Submitted: September 19, 2009

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Submitted: September 19, 2009



I'm really annoyed because I now have lots of free time, and have been itching to try making my pumpkin muffin recipe with sweet potatoes. The past three times I have been at the grocery store, this week I have passed by the sweet potatoes, looking longingly and wishing summer would go away already, so I can get cooking. I mean all August, it barely cracked an 80, barely ever did we get a week where it was actually hot, like in the 90's. That's really hot for people used to 40 below in the winter.

So we hit September, and it's finally football season again, and baseball playoffs spots are heatedly contested. What does the weather do, it warms up. It has been in the 80's for the past seven or 8 days, and baking would make the house more unbearably hot than it needs to be. I know because a couple of times I have at least tried to cook a frozen pizza. The weather is not supposed to be in the 80's, unless you live lots farther south, and I don't.

I mean they could seriously consider reopening the pool, and letting school kids back out for another couple of weeks. When my cousin told everyone she had Cubs tickets available through a friend I almost thought I might, but then again I won't, because it's the end of September. I have been to Wrigley the end of September let's just say that Lake Michigan wind is nothing to be underestimated, especially when you are sitting in the top deck at the ball game.

I am looking forward to the next baseball season almost as much as the upcoming World Series. Next year the Twins will be back outdoors. They never should have been indoors in the first place. Baseball was meant to be played outside. Now the other teams will get a more fair shake, not losing fly balls in the inflatable toilet's roof. For the un93x Half Assed Morning Show initiated, that's the Metrodome. Even the Gophers football team moved out of the toilet into an outdoor stadium.

So here I am watching Thomas and the Magic Railway for like the 40th time this month, wishing I could bake something. I still might, just because I'm sick of waiting for fall to come. Rest assured as they always say in Minnesota, "If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes, it will change." Truth it is, for I have seen it rain snow and sun shine all in the same fifteen minutes. I'll let you know how the sweet potato muffins turn out, and the peanut butter cake, my friend suggested awhile back, soon as I get some sustained low 70's, which should be next week or fifteen minutes from now.

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