Painting with Death

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Two siblings see a painting...

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




"Get down here Alice!" yelled Nero, freaking out about the painting on the wall. 

"What now you baby?" Alice whined as she slid down the stairs. 

"The painting... it... it... it... it moved again" Nero said, tears strolling down his cheeks. 

"I highly dou-" Alice stopped as she watched the man in the paintings eye flash red. "Oh my god..." she whispered to herself, slowly stepping forward. 

"ALICE NO!!!!!!" shouted Nero "I have a bad feeling!!!!" but his shouts were in vain. his sister moved closer and closer to the painting, as the man in it beckoned, smiling a bit as he did so. She touched her hand to the painting, and the old man in the picture that was pulling her closer, stopped, and turned into a monster. 

His face morphed. Skin dropped as he smiled, his small teeth eventually growing larger, and instead of that pearly white they had been, turned bloodstained and chipped. his fingers turned into long hooked claws, and you could hear the tearing of his skin as his nails grew. Alice's face lost all color. Before she had time to move, the man in the picture reached one clawed hand out, and stuck his nails into her face. Twisting and pulling, Alice's eyes popped, and her skin stretched unnaturally far away from her face. She screamed as her skin started tearing, blood seeping through the tears near her hair line. 

Nero couldn't do anything, and stood there horrified as his sister's face got torn off, and watched as she fell backwards, landing right at his feet looking up at him. She coughed up blood, and let out a blood curtling scream as she bleed out on the floor of the living room, the man in the photo put her face on top of his, and absorbed her "identity" into his own, adding Alice to the painting. 

Nero screamed as he woke up. He walked out to the living room, and saw the photo, Alice and the man still sitting there looking at him. He looked down at the floor, and her body was gone... Then he remembered he had spent all night disposing the body to make sure nobody got curious and found out what happened. The man in the paintings eyes slowly followed Nero, but he paid no attention, getting a bowl, some milk, and some Lucky Charms, slowly eating. The memories of last night still stood vivid in his head, remembering the scream she let out the most.

He stuck his tongue out at the painting, and the old man snarled at him, the look in his eyes daring Nero to come closer. He didn't of course, and finished his Lucky Charms before going back upstairs. "Ugh. Life sucks" he mumbled.

A sudden scream made Nero dash downstairs, and as soon as he hit the first floor, he could see the body of his sister, the one that he buried, standing there looking at him. 

"You abandoned me to die you little DICK!" she screamed, maggots and specks of blood landing at Nero's feet as she screamed. 

"You deserve this." Alice said so matter-of-factly, grabbing Nero by the hair, and dragging him over to the painting. The old man had already changed, but the Photo Alice was still transforming. Nero screamed and flailed, but still didnt escape his sister. 

Alice smiled as the photo Alice finally finished changing, and the photo Alice stepped out of the picture and into the real Alice. Alice looked at Nero, those sharp teeth flashing.

"This will only hurt," she grinned "A lot". 

Nails growing out of her hands, they pierced Neros body in ten different areas. She then smiled at him again, as she pulled her nails out, blood dripping from them. "Why sis... why?" asked Nero 

"You left me to die, you didnt do anything, and now it's your turn to experience the pain I went through" she responded, maggots dropping onto Nero's face. 

She let one nail grow out, and went to work carving him up. As he screamed, she cut out his tongue. Everytime he kicked, she pushed her hand through his legs skin, and ripped out a piece of muscle. Every time he punched, she cut a chunk of his arm off. By the time he died, he had bones as arms, and his skin draped over his legs, no muscle there to support him. His eyes had been gouged out, but done oh so carefully so when Alice placed them on his chest, he could see his body as he was mutilated.

Nero slowly faded away, and as he did, he slowly faded into the picture. "Nero, Alice, we're home!" yelled their parents.

Photo Nero, and Photo Alice smiled slowly.


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