Could it be the Big Bang?

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Are we just blaming the Big Bang for the universe's expansion or could there be a contrasting truth?

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



For many years, scientists and physicists have all nodded to one simple but unsatisfactory explanation to the expansion of the universe - the Big Bang. The questions arising after that are: Why then, are the galaxies showing a colourshift, indicating an increasing velocity? Why then, do galaxies further away seem to be moving faster than us? And now we are stuck with one question in our minds: could it reallybe because of the Big Bang? I have my own theory which I explained to a Professor at King's College and he said:\"You might be right\". Before I share with you my thoughts in the second part of this story, tell me, what do you think? --- Fear!, a poem---

Fear! Mouths of many babble: Man was made with fear Locked in his heart to arise every time it has to. When does it have to? Fear comes to hinder you from thinking properly, And think about ways that bring no success to life's quality. When must it come out? Everytime, i want to think like Newton. Why must it come out if it hinders me so? Actually it should come out every second, to prevent you fromunleashing your potential. Your idea is greater than Einstein's Dont fear, just share it. Fear and a Nobel prize cant live together.

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