Jealous Criminals (Republish)

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A republish of a post on my blog --

Are we really against crime, or are we against the fact that the benefits of the crime do not reach us? And if they did, is it still as a bad a crime as all that do not give us benefits?

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013




Life Cycle Part 4: Jealous Criminals

The one common thing that most of us who aren't criminals have is that we are strictly against crime. Crime has been dispised by many since the beginning of time, and this has not been a wrong thing to do. It is really disturbing to hear that a young beautiful teenager has been raped in the streets of her hometown, that the central bank has been robbed, that corrupt government officials have wasted large amounts of national income, and so on. It is really usual to see it in that way, but what does the criminal think about his actions? Would we feel any different if it was us rolling in millions that never worked for?

We all would not mind if we were rich, irregardless of how we obtained that money, we would be happy about what we have. If we could still be able to acquire more money using the same method, we wouldn't hesitate. This can be illustrated by what people do when they see a bank note on the floor in an empty hallway - pick it up! What does this mean? Most of us are actually criminals who haven't had the chance to be as such. We are just criminals who don't know how to perform the perfect crime, that has no mistakes that would lead us to jail. Most of us are jealous of criminals that get away with it and also wish that we had the ability to do the same.

So this leads us to a question: are we trying to fight against crime, or are we fighting against the improper distribution of the benefits of crime? Maybe your answer to the following question could help you answer the previous question. If a local drugdealer makes millions every year, and in those years, he decides that he will hand over a million to every household in your area, would you still continue to fight against drugdealing?

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