The Final: Chapter 2

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After being bullied, Timi reports the bully to his parents, the response is not as he expected...

Submitted: September 24, 2011

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Submitted: September 24, 2011



The day after came and it was the time to speak to Jake's parents. He waited untill two o'clock in the afternoon. Why he waited was that he knew Jake and his friends usually go out to play in the soccer field atschool. 'This would be the perfect time', he thought. Timi arrived to the door that was sixhouses away from his house in their street. He gathered all the air in the world with a mighty deep breath in order to minimise the fear of the outcomes. He then pushed the buzzer, seeing that there was no reply,he used the alternative method: to knock. \"Coming!\" came a reply from Mr Jackson. He was a rather tall man. A great fan of soccer, his favourite team was playing andthat was Portsmouth FC. It was the day of the FA cup 2009/2010 final against ChelseaFC, Timi's favourite club. Mr Jackson arrived at the door and ushered Timi into the living room where a six-pack of beer stood beside the couch and another already cosumed. He smelled of alcohol,with the characteristics of a drunkard. Hethrew himself over the couch and glued his eyes on thf television set where the match was on its fifteenth minute, thescore at nil-nil. \"Mr Jackson, i came here to talk to you about some very important things.\"\"OK,say it quickly before i miss all of the commentators' comments\", Mr Jackson replied as he clapped hands to applaud the techniques that his club were using. Timi realised he hadcome at the wrong time, he should have come when Jake's father was upset but he couldn't turn back now. He had to finish what he started. \"Yourson, Jake bullies me and takes my lunchbox everytime at school and i dont know how to make him stop, and i cant fight him...\" \"Hold on...\",Mr Jackson interrupted. \"Jake bullies you?\" He opened up his mouth wide open in shock. \"Dont worry, i shall deal with that boy. Now leave my house, i've got a match to watch. Stop interrupting like a woman\". At these words, Timi felt it hopeless that he will ever find asolution to his problem. There was only one way that Jake could get punished for his bullying and that was if Portsmouth lost the game. Timi walked out of the house and stood on the stoep of the Jackson's house,and got on his knees. He quietly said a prayer that goes: 'Oh God, i come before you O'lord for i know you know my pleas and their solutions,let Portsmouth lose, give Chelsea the strenGth to win,AMEN.' He walked slowly across the street, spending more than fifty minutes lookingat stones and collecting them and throwing them into the river so that it may make him forget about what just happened.By the time he got home, he had forgotten all about the match.

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