Ellie's Big Family

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Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



Once upon a time , they live a city girl name Ellie . She is twelve years old . Her parents are very rich . She has a brother and sister who is older than her . She always get anything she wanted from her mother and father . She used to be a happy girl until she knew that she was adopted . She felt so sad and surprised . She decided to leave her step-family and find her real parents . But she stopped because she knew she could'nt find her real parents without help . So she stay with her step-family and waited until she turn sixteen . Five years later , during her birthday , she ask her parents about the adoption . Her parents was shocked . Her parents knew that she should know that she was adopted . So her parents told everything to her including why she was adopted . She was adopted because her real parents died on a car crash . Ellie ask her parents wether she has any sibblings or not . Her parents told her that she has a twins . During that time , Ellie knew that she should go and find her other twins . So she leave her step-family . Ellie search for her twins everywhere until she stop at a coffee shop and met a girl who look exactly like her . She introduced herself . The girl name was Leesha . Leesha told Ellie that she was adopted . Ellie told Leesha that she was adopted too . Ellie started to think that Leesha is her twins . They both hang out together , talk about their step-family and soon they became best friends . One year later , Ellie had an accident . Leesha was so worry about Ellie . She asked the doctor if she can do anything to help her . The doctor said that Ellie needed more blood . Leesha's blood type is B same as Ellie . That time , Leesha realize that Ellie was her twins . After Ellie was cured . Leesha hugged her and cry . Leesha told Ellie that she is her twins . Ellie was surprised and happy because she met her real sister . So Ellie and Leesha lived together in an apartment . Now , they worked together , go shopping together and they even met with their true loves at the same place . Soon , Ellie and Leesha was married to their true loves . Two years later , Ellie gave birth to a twins and she named her baby twins Natellie and Eleesha . Ellie told her step-family about Leesha and her new born baby twins . Ellie's step-family came to visit her house and their new family . Leesha was so happy to be with Ellie and her step-family .  Ellie and her big family soon live happily ever after . 

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