I was Bullied. Now im Dead!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Brett is a young 15 year old boy being bullied. What lenghts will the bullies go to.?

I was ready for it. The smack in the face. The excuse telling my mom i had been football training. But come on i wear glasses. Very vunerable mother. Walking round school with a busted nose dryed out blood on the tshirt was very attractive. I wish. Never hd a girlfriend and i want a chance to have someone i can love. If its like love i felt when i was 5 years old for Lola Pannigham , well lifes complete.

Billy the bastard bullie i call him. I laugh at a poor excuse of human he is. Yes the bully is him. Always had it in for me since i toko the last copy of world of warcraft 2 years ago. Whats boys would do to look tough. Looks like a prick if you tell me. I have deal with him all day. The bastards clever enough to be in my class all day. Oh god. 1st lesson English. I had a slush poored down my back and into my bag. 2nd lesson Mathermatics. Had a nice drawing of me passed around the classroom. I must be famous. Again another wish. Rest of the day it was arts. Digusting logos swed to my jacket. Sequins glued to my head. Fire set to my pants. Just great.

I dont think anyone actually noticed i was in deep help. I needed help. I wanted help. I was living a terrible teen life. No 1 cared. Not even my mother. She should of noticed something was wrong without me saying out but instead Marco the spanish maid was more inventional then talking to her son. Only child may i also add. Walking home throuh the wilderness forest or simply a quicker way home i noticed the bastard and the clan following me. 5 minutes later a lashed down to the floor. The ungrateful proon had the cheek to ask if it hurt. Ouch and holding my arm was not an act im sorry. 10 kicks in the side. 5 digs in my leg and a goodbye smack in the mouth was my daily dose of bully. Wow something must be wrong , yesterday i got 11 kicks. Must be an off day. Billy was interupted by his loving beautiful girlfriend Lola. Lola Pannigham my childhood love. 'Go Breet, Im sorry' she nicely said holding my hand to help me up. 'Run' she added. I did as the perfect girl said and ran. The faded yelling eased away as i ran in the forest on the direction of home. I took a quick glance back to notice Billy and the gnag comingg after me.

10 minutes of dodging trees and escaping the chase. I was finally save. I think. I sat on a huge trunk gasping for air. It then hit me. I need to get this over and done with. Step up to Billy. Tommorow at school i will. As the good future was breaking in my dull life i was interupted by a croaky voice. 'Son do you have a spare smoked. I turned to see gremlin. Not really but the looks of the man could pass for one. I politley let him no i dont qualify into smoking its a digustin habit. 'So what brings you here?' the gremlin man asked. I told him my situation and being chased. 'So bullies have made this happen?'. That question was abit slightly off the line as nothing had happened i was safe now. I just smiled at him. He then licked his lips. 'Im hungry me young un'. Okay he's abit more wierd. I kindly told him there was a fast food joint just a miley away in north direction. The weird man began to laugh devlishy. ' hahah no i think i want human'. I suddenyl frooze then and felt like an iceberg. I looked at him and his expressions pronouced im going to kill you. I quickly chucked my bag at him and ran.

'Welcome to HGF 5 News , Im Caroline Mourtin . Breaking News as just come in a young 16 year old boy as been found murderd in GarsVille Woods. The boy goes by the identiy of Brett Hurley, The police report if they had been there an hour ago  the young boy would be alive now and the murderer who is suspected to be Bruce Voiuty mass murderer escapey of local jail would be caught again. Now caution Bruce is still in the open but police are very lockdown on finding him'.

I had been murderd. I lived an horrible life and died an horrible way. I hope the bullies pay for it.

- Billy could not take the pressure of knowing if he didnt bully Brett he would be alive so shot him self at the age of 21 on his birthday. 

- Lola visits Bretts grave every sunday wishing they carried on the childhood love. 

Submitted: April 14, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Daryl Torkington . All rights reserved.

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did not expect that ending O.O

Sun, April 15th, 2012 12:29am

McHeaven McHeaven

Promising young writer. I like the storyline. Although there were few misspelled words but who cares? What matters is the story and the feelings behind it. Good job. Keep writing =)

Sun, April 15th, 2012 12:55am


Wow. Meaningful story. Bullies should read this. Good job. Can tell your gaining more skills in your writing. ive read your younger post which are good too. :)

Sun, April 15th, 2012 1:07am

Jade Scott

Hard to believe I know but it's true tears have began to bleed down my face with the memories that I was bullied and still being I love this, truly I do. Your an amazing writer, thank you for the opportunity to read this. It is both inspiring and tragic.

Sun, April 15th, 2012 2:25pm


Woah, that ending was unexpected! I thought that Billy would kill him, not that crazy old guy! This was an awesome plot for a short story; something you don't see often. My only suggestion is to use quotation marks " " instead of apostrophes when someone is talking. Also just make a new paragraph when someone new is speaking. Other than that, there were some small spelling mistakes, but its not about that, its about how well it was written and what it was about. Awesome short story, honestly. :)

Sun, April 15th, 2012 4:15pm

Daryl Torkington

thankyou :) all of you. please pass it on.

Sun, April 15th, 2012 4:19pm


- surpeising the end! i didnt think the crazy man would kill, maybe the Bully! Good short story!

Sun, April 15th, 2012 10:03pm

Insane Membrane

I think you need to edit this get your spelling right and re think a few lines ... Bullying is such an emotional subject ... cowardly acts causing abject misery and repercussions ... all there in your story but a little more descriptiveness could hook the reader in and help them feel ... nice try

Mon, April 16th, 2012 7:32am


it was touching, the ending is perfect and unpredictable.. it made Jade(as a victim of bullies) cry this is anough testimony of your excellence :)

Mon, April 16th, 2012 1:48pm

Daryl Torkington

thanks :). and insane membrane just please go away. your name just does my head in anyway.

Mon, April 16th, 2012 6:10pm


That was very, very good. I liked the message, the story line. It was a eye-opening and refreshing piece to read. I just noticed some spelling mistakes. Remember to capitalize I. I liked it overall. Surprising ending, by the way.

Sun, September 30th, 2012 4:58pm

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