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Submitted: January 13, 2011

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Submitted: January 13, 2011



Why’d you tell me you love me?

Why what you said won’t true?

I thought you loved me cared for me as like I do for you.

I use to tell myself what we had was real but then I looked inside my self and asked how do he feel?

He said your looks, your smile, the others he hesitated and took a while.

What is it with me am I blind can I see? Why don’t I see what’s happening to me? Do I leave do I stay? Or do I slap him and walk away?

I love the way he laughs and makes me smile, i love the fact that we lasted a while.

Its time to let go be single find someone else, hopefully in the end the one with the smile will be you and your love you know its true.

Don’t believe everything you hear once you listen here comes that tear.

he says he’s sorry you say ok he feels you lies you\'ll be my wife someday, you smile real hard and believe those lies always remember lies end in goodbyes.

No matter the age you will know is he real or is it time to let go?

I know you love him and I’m not saying he don’t love you what im saying is your heart is valuable your tears are true, the one who loves you trust you\'ll know

look in the mirror who do you see?

Tell them you love them and say you’re the only important thing to me.

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