The tales of Danni Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

The short story for first step in writing. hope will be supported.

The tales of Dani Love.


There are one god. Have neither beginning nor end. Just him. And he lives forever. And he created everything in emptiness of space a pair, dark and light.

From darkness and light, he created heaven and earth. And he fills both of his heaven and earth with other creation like animals, trees and humans. After completed all of his creation, he stays invisible in the eyes of all his creation.

To make a little twist, he make another invisible forces; angle and demon. He created angle as a protector and demon as a destroyer. So start a fight between angle and demon, protector and destroyer, light and darkness.

King in heaven called their planet eucalyptus. As all the creation is beautiful including the people. And the people in heaven not only beautiful but shy just like eucalyptus that will closed when its in contact with anything. That’s where the king got the name from.

And the king on earth called the planet blue planet as there are many liar, corrupters and war that make life on earth is very hard. All the people have blues in their heart.

One day god show himself to the people of heaven and show life on earth. God asked who want to offer themselves for the sake of peace and joy on earth. The one who willing will be bless. At first no one willing to offer themselves as everyone scared of what happened on earth.

But one young man stand in front of god with tears in his eyes offers himself. He is Danni but people called him Danni Love as he is the most handsome and very lovely young man. He always offers his help to every people that in trouble. He gives all his money to poor people and to course that make heaven better place. But however lovely he was, he never suited to be a king not even village leader because he is too weak. He easily cries like a pouring rain when he sees any breathing or non-breathing creatures in trouble. He even cries for his morning glory flower plant as they died.

God see him and quickly deny his offer. Danni Love could not understand. So he face God again and said” Please send me down to earth, I can save them”. But again god denied him.

Danni Love do not know what to do, so looks again down to earth and saw all the misery, war, plague and death. He crying so hard that somebody pats him on the back and said “If you really want to go down to earth, asked nicely to god”.

Danni looked at the man and nod energetically and go to God. He bows down to him and asked permission to go to earth. God look down to him and said “Stand up my creation; I’ll let you go. But you must realize that the place I will send you full of lies that the truth hardly found, so much pain that you wish you never be born. Are you willing to go down to earth?”

“For the sake of peace and joy on earth, I shall go down” said Danni. “So off you go” god said and by his power Danni love were sent to earth. Danni go down to earth and bring peace and joy to earth. Of course it not happened suddenly as there’s abundant of trouble to make Danni loves tough. But he goes on well.

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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I Like this.It was really good.Check my stuff out when you get the chance

Tue, April 10th, 2012 9:05pm

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