Mysterious Black Hole

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The insatiable dark spot sucks everything in and never fills up. Or does it?

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Black Hole


Static echoed in the room.

"Mayday! Emergency! Command, we have fallen into an uncharted black hole."

A pause, then a reply.

"This is Command, we have nothing showing in the area."

A longer pause.

"That's why they call it a black hole command."

Reddish disk shapes spun in orbit. Emergency calls sounded in the room. Pilots calling for help, but none was to be had. Gravity was impossible to shake.

"Command! Help! Entire fleet is caught."

One disk attempted to make a slingshot around the dark maw that swallowed so much in the universe without filling up. An abysmal failure as the red metal succumbed to the known law. Nothing could escape out of that blackness. What went in, never filled it up.

Echos in the room as the soft screams could be heard as the failed effort only sped up the fall into oblivion.

More of the fleet spun around in ever tighter orbits. Putting off the inevitable, each one of the orbiting disks a scream in anguish as it was sucked into the unstoppable hole.

Only the great eyes of the supreme watcher that peered down from up on high watched come to pass as the last moving disk descended into oblivion.

Eight-year-old Daghus was out of pennies and ran back to his mother's change jar where she kept her store of coins.

Alerinda, college professor and single mother was preparing for work. Going in to brush her teeth as her son and soul entertainment at home was in her room getting into her saved change. it was his allowance that he liked to play with.

Brushing her teeth, Daghus looked into the bathroom with big eyes.

"Uh-oh." the young man whispered.

The sink was not draining.

"Daghus! What have you done?"

"Mayday mayday!" The words echoed in his head as Daghus went quietly into his bedroom.

Grounded again. Those pennies in the drain were going to never be returned.


© Copyright 2017 Dash McCallen. All rights reserved.

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