The Final Conquest- (The Leader)

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Serious battle going wrong for the humans. The Major has some serious problems on hand with the aliens trying to surround him and his men. Only a serious push can overcome the technological advantage that the aliens have.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



Final Conquest


The Leader




Major Dan Talbot woke with a start, knowing that the battle that lay ahead was going to be the final assault of the enemy forces.  Directed by a soulless entity, the going had been difficult at best.  Many men had disappeared under the assault of the alien invaders.

Whole groups falling in screaming heaps, only to be gone before they hit the ground.  Weapons had been fired upon them that had no defense. Finally the troops started to take the alien weapons from fallen enemy and turned them against their previous owners with great effect.  Still, the going had been brutal and costly.

Major Mort “Muerta” McFee  ran up next to Talbot announcing that the aliens had not moved from the last scout reports, but that the areas that had been previously cleared out near the encampment had been reoccupied, they were going to have to drive them out again.  

“We should have not pulled back last time.”  McFee growled. “But we had no choice.  We were out of time and the orders were to regroup.”

Talbot knew McFee was right.  Even though it was a new fight today, it was necessary to have pulled back.  

Talbot was in charge of the combined forces.  He had seniority and had been in the battle zone for a longer time and knew precisely what Mcfee felt.

Talbot turned to the task at hand, the numbers of the enemy were not known and they were in a better, more defensible position. The space separating the humans last ditch effort to contain the raiders was surrounded by forest on one end and had great open areas on the other. This had the advantage of giving cover if the enemy would charge across the open field.  

Talbot gave the order to advance, stealth was the order of the day, they were to be in place and ready when the order to attack came from the Commander. The battle plan was in place and the troops were ready.  

Suddenly as the Major rounded a large boulder, an alien sentry who was just standing there out of sight, alerted and attacked Talbot and the battle was engaged.  They were not yet in position and the enemy was now alerted.  Gunfire erupted all around them, the aliens had moved into the forest after the scouts had come through.  Talbot was injured and had to pause a moment. His med-kit soothed the burn and an application of “QuickSkin” stopped the bleeding, in moments he was ready to continue the fight.

*Good stuff this* Talbot thought *Not even a scar.* as he continued forward.  A rapid-fire three barreled cannon manned by two aliens were engaging his right flank of troops and giving Major McFee trouble.  

Talbot moved to a vantage and shouldered his full-sized battle rifle, lined up the telescopic sight, he pulled the trigger on the rail gun and launched a three-millimeter mylar projectile into the cannon and crew at forty times the speed of sound with devastating results.  The impact turned the heavy cannon on its side while disrupting the armor and barrels of the huge weapon.

Even at half-power the force of the shot rattled Talbot's teeth. In training, a full power shot was capable of stopping an aircraft from miles away.  But the shots were slow and took time to charge. In battle most settings were at fifty-percent power or less.

As the forward teams of soldiers moved forward it was suddenly apparent that they had been flanked.  Shooting came from all sides, the troops were surrounded and the situation was getting desperate! A stroke of luck or a heroic effort by the soldiers was needed.

The Commander of the team was trying to recover and regroup but the aliens were keeping up the pressure, the human strike were trying to flank and come around from behind...

“Danny?  Danny, time for dinner.”

Firing in rapid mode, ultra-high-velocity projectiles, bits of plastic really, violently blew apart the hardened armor of an assault vehicle that the aliens were using as cover.

Little Danny paused the war there and left his troops patiently sitting for him to return to command.  Even the monstrous enemy would not move with the patient silence of a child's toy while the leader went to eat dinner.


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