The Oasis: Fire

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Fire Fighting effort goes unexpectedly bad.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



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The Fire

Five years into his career, Reibold Rasmussen had earned his stripes. Smoke jumper, hand crew leader for ground fire attack in the forests. Glittering blue eyes missed little and a quick wit that showed a high intelligence that sometimes got past his peers.

Today, the command center was placed in a parking lot of "Mountain Mikes" Shopping center. Barely big enough to hold all the equipment, the command had been spread around the valley in pockets of school grounds and church parking lots.

Weather reports were coming in and sent from the command center. Unpredictable winds were predicted with a low pressure center moving in. Reibold sighed as he read the dispatch on the computer aided dispatch display, called a CAD for short.

Low pressure system meant a good possibility of rain which would help. However the downside with the heat rising from the large wildfire could create thunderstorms -- Lightning. By any measure, this would be bad. The fuel in the forest, the wood and grass, were dry enough to be explosive.

By noon, dressed in his fire-resistant gloves, jumpsuit and helmet. They were dispatched by helicopter to an oasis at the foot of a mountain for a mission.

The Mission: Create a fire break and save the oasis of palm trees and protected wildlife refuge.

The Plan: First in hand crews would clear back the light grass and brush before the arrival of the bulldozers that were on their way. Their slow speed meant they were four hours behind the hand-crews.

Reibold lead his twelve-man crew as they cut and threw brush and created a path that connected natural firebreaks around the oasis. Sweating heavily under the unrelenting sun, the breeze began to pick up. The fire was on the far side of the mountain, some fifteen miles distant.

Still, the fire observation radio code "Airboss" that flew in the small spotter plane in circles kept reports coming in that the mountain was threatened. Orders came from the Airboss to pull all personnel off the threatened side of the mountain. The fire was moving too quickly to stop prior to the completion of a firebreak and was abandoned.

Reibold nodded; This put the pressure on Bravo-Team to save the oasis. Airboss just wrote off the mountain.

Bulldozers arrived and cut a line wider than an interstate, hand crews cleaned up the edges of the firebreak. A call of team leaders and Reibold answered.

Standing with the other leaders, each with a book out as the plans for the next effort of defending the line.

"Fight fire with fire." Was the plan, a backfire was designed to burn up the close face of teh mountain to the top. "Backfire" as it was called. The speed of the mission was critical with the weather system moving in. Agreed and commanded, the leaders adjourned to their respective crews.

The planned backfire had the fire crews stand in line along the firebreak. Three dozer blades wide, down to bare mineral soil. Reibold stood his twelve firefighters in line. Ax's, shovels, gloves and face wraps against the dust and heat.

The radio crackled with the "Go hot" with the order of the backfire. Two officers walked along the fire break with drip torches filled with diesel. Flames consumed the brush next to the bare mineral soil like a hungry teenager consumes junk food at lunch.

To much! Lt. Rasmussen turned around and looked at some of the palm trees behind them. The radiant heat was enough to make his crews look away from the flames. Most were watching for embers, but Reibold could see directly behind them -- the trees were smoking!

"Shovels! SHOVELS! Throw dirt on the trees! Cool them down!" Lt Rasmussen called.

Grabbing his radio, Reibold called and told that the fire was flaring up too hot. The radiant heat off the mountains face was putting the very oasis they were to protect at risk. Bark on trees was smoking and they needed back pumps and shovels to cool down the smoking trees.

A flame... Not large.. Grew rapidly up the trunk of a coconut palm. Extending it's reach up to the dried and hanging palm fronds that hung down like hands. Paper thin, tinder dry.

Reibold lifted up his radio to his mouth. "Emergency traffic, zone 6, crew 4488. Fire in the trees, crowning fire."

The worst words possible, crowning fire.

"We are bugging out. All crews in zone 6 pull back to fire safety zones. We have lost the oasis."

"RUN! RUN!" The Fire supervisor yelled to the dozen men and women that carried hand tools. A wind was building into their faces.

Behind them the flames hit the dried palm frond and the line of trees ignited like a matchbook. A hurricane wind of heat and grit caused by the sudden column of heat was drawn in. The fire making it's own weather had produced a windstorm that rushed to the core of the fire, increasing the intensity.

Lt Rasmussen fought his way against the increasing wind that tore at his clothing, he tried to protect his face with the shovel, only to have it torn from his grip by the screaming wind that fed the monster behind him.

Although it was midnight, Reibold could see his shadow was visible on the ground as he looked down.

Looked down?


The fire was right above him, moving faster than a man can run!

Another gust of wind-- picking up stones the size of his fist-- pelting him as he and the crew struggled against the breath of the devil, the radiant heat was making the back of his uniform overheat.

Finally! Cresting the hill into a parking lot, he stumbled over the edge onto the blacktop. The heat on his back did not let up, the backs of his very gloves were smoking, flames blew vertically up into the sky at the Lieutenant's heals. Screams echoed in the parking area.

Running feet. Hands, lots of hands..

The sudden, unbelievably cold feeling on his back..someone had dumped a bucket of water on him as the pain set in and he blissfully, quietly let the soft darkness of shock and coma took him.

Days later, Reibold awoke. His Commanding officer was sitting in the chair near him with eyes half-shut.

''Steve?" Reibold's voice croaked more than it should have, surprising himself. His throat felt like he had been gargling with salt and broken glass.

"Reibold? Sheesh, man you have us a hell of a scare! You were the last one out and came over the crest into the staging area with the fire at your heels. " Steve Womack sat forward. "You were on fire, brother. Your web gear, fire tent and the helmet you were wearing were smoking and flaming."

Reibold sat back into the bed. "Did we lose anyone?"

"No, your call on the trees was just in time. We lost the oasis, but no one died."

"When do I get out of here?" asked the Lieutenant. "I'm not that hurt."

"In awhile you had inhaled smoke, your voice still sounds hoarse, they had you on a ventilator for two days." The Commander explained the timeline. "Rei, brother, you have been in a drug induced coma for the last few days. Don't expect to come back soon."

Sighing. "Aye, I can feel it. Steve, I think this is my last year. I am going to request a transfer to investigations. "

"Granted. I'll put the paperwork in straight away."

Reibold the Lt. Soon to be investigator laid back on his bed and closed his eyes.

Slipping back to that moment where he knew, the call to abandon his position was the right one.

No one died.

© Copyright 2017 Dash McCallen. All rights reserved.

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