The Bubble Blower

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This is a story about a brother and sister, namely Sera and Nuddles who accidently enter a land of magic. As they try to make sense of the unusual land, they slowly uncover the truth about an ancient princess who disappeared long ago. Once they get to know of the truth, they have a mission to accomplish. Read the story to find out what the truth was!

This is the first ever story that i wrote, and i wrote this long ago. I hope you enjoy it!

“The princess was the only one who entered the magical world; nobody knows how she did it. It happened 100 years ago. People still believe that there is something magical in this kingdom of Leingpak. But I don’t, do you believe it Sera?” asked Sera‘s grandmother. She was telling the story of a princess who went to a magical world and never came back. Sera Kettler was living with her parents, younger brother Nuddles and grandma.


100 years ago a king had ruled there, living in a castle. The king was no more but the castle was still there. Many people visited the castle to know the truth of the princess, but they could never find out. On hearing this story, Sera and Nuddles too wanted to visit the castle.


The next day their grandmother took them to the castle. There were many ancient pots and things there. In the princess’s room, Sera found a box in a corner. It was written ‘TREASURE’ on it. “Nuddles! Look what I found.” she called out. Nuddles hurried to her and looked at the box. She opened it and found a bubble blower inside. There was still some liquid left in it for blowing. She tried blowing bubbles but nothing came out. Nuddles found a scribbled paper and took it out. “Sera, I think we have a mystery.” Just then, their grandma called out, “Kids, I’m going to the other room. You come there later.” Sera checked the bubble blower when Nuddles read the scribbled paper.

“Check this out!!” Nuddles read aloud,

Whoever finds this paper can find out the way to the magical world and bring back the princess. Take the bubble blower and blow it to the chimney opposite the door. See what happens……….all the best!!”

“This is cool!! Let’s try it out Sera…Sera?”

Before he said it Sera had taken the bubble blower and reached the chimney.

“Wait for me!!” Nuddles called out.


When she blew it, a gurgling sound started to come….and in a flash……they were in a completely different world. The birds were climbing the trees. Bears were flying; cats swimming etc. “It’s strange here” said Nuddles. “It’s strange because it’s the magical world of course!!” said Sera. “You are quite right.” said a sweet voice from behind them. They turned around and saw a beautiful swan. “Welcome to Zodiastana, the enchanted land of magic! I am Ellendra, the swan fairy.” said the swan. The swan closed its wings and its shape changed and became a beautiful fairy. 


Sera and Nuddles gazed at her in amazement. Then, coming back to her senses, Sera said, “Er… hello, I’m Sera and this is my brother Nuddles. We are world. We’re here to find Princess Diana. Do you know her?” The fairy gave a smile and said, “Yes, she’s been waiting so long for someone to come, She-” “YOU KNOW WHERE THE PRINCESS IS?!!” Nuddles interrupted, Sera hit Nuddles’s shoulder to keep him quiet. “Of course!!” Ellendra replied. “And you can hear her story from her.” Ellendra closed her eyes for a moment and suddenly a leather mat appeared in the air. They stepped on it and within seconds they were in front of a beautiful double storied house with red and yellow flowers on the roof and in the edges of the door. The flowers were real. “Pluck a flower from the door” said Ellendra. Sera plucked one and the door opened automatically. There stood the princess with long blond hair and pink cheeks and beautiful brown eyes.


“Welcome, please have a seat” she said. They sat down. “It’s time for me to go” said Ellendra, changing her form back to a swan, she flew away. “ASOSYANEESE!” the princess said. Delicious food filled the table. “Was that an order to bring food?” asked Sera taking a jelly shaped as a flower. Nuddles started gobbling up everything that he could reach. “There are many other magical words” Princess Diana said sweetly. “So, what is your story? How did you get here?” asked Nuddles swallowing a big strawberry-shaped cake.


The princess started her tale, “Well, it all started from my love to the bubble blowers. I loved bubble blowing so much. When my father was ill and nobody could heal him, a fairy from this land dressed as an ordinary man brought magical syrup to cure him. That very day I accidentally dropped my bubble liquid. I took the magical syrup thinking that it is the stock of bubble liquid and for fun blew it to the chimney. I never knew that I would reach a magical place. I met the animals and they took me to the ‘zar’ of health-the people here are referred to as zars – Ariana, the health zar was the one who cured my father.

I went back to the other world and kept visiting this land and learned to use magic but I never revealed this to anyone. I kept it as my own secret. I used to tell my dad that I’m off to play and I secretly came here. But soon I started feeling lonely being the only one to come here from the other world; I wanted someone to know that I was visiting this place. I wanted someone for a company. The bubble blower you got was magical. The others cannot see it. Only a lucky person would have been able to see this. You were the lucky person! But when I was doing the magic, I misspelled some words. So the magic went wrong, I was stuck in this place. The only way I could come back was that the lucky person had to come to this land and take me back. The health zar, Ariana who helped my father went down there again and wrote the letter.” she concluded.  


There was silence for a moment, and then Sera said, “You mean……we can take you back to the real world?”

“Yes” Diana said. “So? What are we waiting for?” Nuddles said excitedly, “let’s go!”

“But you have to do some magic to go through that way.” said Diana.

“Which way?” asked Nuddles. “Don’t think that it is easy for you to take me back. There is a special path to get out of this world for the people who are non-magical. A dangerous path. This is the only path we can get out together.”

“How are we supposed to do magic? We are non-magical people!” said Sera furiously. “Remember before I came here?” Diana said, “I was also non-magical and now I’m magical! You have to learn magic, cross the dangerous path and then take me back to the other world.”

“What kind of problems are we supposed to face?” asked Sera. “Don’t be afraid. Fear makes it worse. If you work with courage it would be easy. You’ll be only facing magic. There won’t be any creatures or things. So let’s start the lessons. Are you ready?”  Diana asked eagerly. Sera and Nuddles looked at each other and then said, “Yes”.


Diana started teaching, “Magic, as you have seen me using the spell- ‘asosyaneese’ to bring food, you must have thought that it is easy, but it is not as easy as you think. Let’s start with an easy spell… make the object in front of us move.” Diana kept a chair in front of her. Then she shouted, “Lisocarfus”.  The chair in front of her moved aside. “You first have to focus on the object in front of you. Think what you are going to do. Imagine the object moving and then spit out the spell. You can try out first Sera.” she said.


Sera looked at the flower vase in front of her, focusing. With full concentration, she shouted out “Lisocarfus”. The flower vase gave a little shake and then stood there without any movement. “Very good!” Diana said.

“But it didn’t move!” Sera cried out.

 “But it shook, isn’t it? It takes a little time to do it. Just a little practice and you’ll get it. Sera, you can practice and if you want any help, you can call me. Now let me see Nuddles.” said Diana in a polite voice, “Come on Nuddles! Look at the bottle in front of you and focus” Nuddles looked at the bottle blankly. Then he focused a little and said the spell. The bottle didn’t show any movement. Nuddles got worried. Diana said, “Don’t be sad, it happens. Let’s try again. Now look at the bottle, do not think of anything else and concentrate on it. Imagine it moving. Now you know what to do.” Nuddles did as Diana told and shouted, “Lisocarfus”. The bottle’s base moved and it fell. Nuddles was overjoyed. “I did it! I did it!” he cried out.


“Now keep practicing while I go see Sera.” said Diana happily. Sera had a lot of improvement. She knew the spell very well now. Diana was impressed, “Very good! Now let’s start a new spell. Let’s learn ‘Radiantiferca’ first and then we’ll learn ‘Copserca’ the spell to make a copy. This is to make the things float in mid air. Watch this.” Diana stared at the strawberry in front of her for some time and said, “Radiantiferca” the strawberry flew up and floated in mid air. “Wow!” Sera said, being fascinated. “The steps are the same. Focus on the object. Imagine it float and say the spell. All the magic is done like this.” Diana informed.


Just then there was a sound of something breaking. Diana and Sera turned around. “Oops! Sorry. The glass fell and broke when I said the spell.” Nuddles said in a scared voice. “Looks like Nuddles also learned to do the spell.” Diana said. He grinned.

They continued their lessons. “How much time does it take to learn all the magic?” asked Sera. “If you want to learn the whole magic, then it would take a year or more….but you don’t have to learn the whole magic!” Diana said suddenly seeing the horrified faces on Nuddles and Sera. “You have to study it only for a week. By that time you will know enough spells to take me back.” she said. “Does that mean that we have to stay here for a week?” asked Nuddles, surprised. “Only if you wish to. You can go back now if you want. If you want me to come back too, then you should stay for a week. It’s your decision.” Diana said. Nuddles and Sera looked at each other for a while and communicated. After some time Sera said, “We’re gonna learn magic and save you!”

“Yeah” said Nuddles.

“Thank you so much.” Diana said happily.


Nuddles and Sera stayed there for a week, eating delicious food and working hard to learn magic. When the last day of the week came, Diana said to them, “Sera, Nuddles, you have learned enough magic. The time has come to start our journey to the real world. The task starts in the forest. Shall we go there?”

Sera and Nuddles were excited and said “Yes!”

“Follow me” Diana said. They followed her to the forest, to their adventurous journey to the real world…………..


Sera and Nuddles followed Diana to the forest. There were two trees standing on either side in an arch. Diana said, “This is the entrance. Now everything is left to you. My powers won’t work inside, I can’t help you at all, and I can’t even tell you what to do. I’ll be right behind you…” They were a little scared now. Sera took a long breath and said, “Come on Nuddles, let’s start our journey.” Nuddles looked at his sister, gulped and then gave a nod. They entered, there was awful silence. With a wall in their left, all other sides seemed to be an endless void. Slowly words appeared on the wall in red ink-


‘The glass ball hanging on top is the key to show you the next place. Do not touch it with your hand, do not let it touch the ground for it might burst and will be gone forever. It has to be with you and then you can proceed.’


Sera and Nuddles looked up and saw the glass ball. “Have you any idea what we have to do? Come on! How can anyone take a ball without touching it?” said Nuddles simply.

Sera said “Nuddles! We are facing magic! Have you forgotten?” “Oh yeah! But how do we bring that thing down?” said Nuddles. “There’s gotta be something to bring that down. Search for……something.” said Sera anxiously. “Hey! What’s this?” rang out a voice from Nuddles. He picked it up and there was a noise of a chain falling. Sera looked up and saw the ball falling in speed. ‘RADIANTIFERCA!’ Sera screamed. Nuddles looked around; the ball stopped all of a sudden and floated in mid air. The blackness changed into a passageway and the wall was gone.

Nuddles said, “Wow! We got the key! Isn’t it?” Sera was panting. “Are you okay?” asked Nuddles coming near to her. “I’m fine” she said, “What did you do anyway?” Nuddles opened his fist and there was a rainbow coloured cube in it, he said, “I found it over there and took it when the ball fell. That was really great what you did. You were quick. That was-” “-Princess Diana!” Sera interrupted suddenly remembering. Sera and Nuddles looked around and saw her standing at a corner. She smiled encouragingly. Nuddles and Sera looked at each other and proceeded.

They walked on and on and at last reached a wall.  A voice rang out-  

‘You have to pass this wall to the next place’

“That’s easy!” Sera said, “We just have to do Lisocarfus!” Sera did the spell but it didn’t work, nor with Nuddles. “Let’s try it together” said Nuddles. They did it together and got it right. The wall moved. Then a flash of white light came and then formed words-

The key to the next place is to ‘be helpful’


“What does that mean?” asked Nuddles.  “Dunno…might be to help someone here. Hope it is an easy one….”said Sera.  Now they were in a room with a round table in the middle and five chairs around it.  In one of the chairs lay a creature with a human body with blue skin and had two horns in green colour. Nuddles said, “What do you think it wants us to d-”“-sshh….it’s murmuring something…listen!” interrupted Sera. Sera and Nuddles went closer and listened. It was saying, “Water…water…”

“I think it needs water. We just have to do asosyaneese spell…it’s as simple as that!” said Nuddles casually. Sera looked a little nervous; she said the spell, “ASOSYANESE!” Water appeared in mid air for a second, and then fell down.

“There’s no container where we can bring the water. What do we do now?” asked Sera. Nuddles said, “We can always make it float in the air! You can bring the water and I’ll try to make it float in air as fast as possible.” Sera said, “Okay, let’s try. On the count of three, okay? One…two….three!”



Sera and Nuddles shouted together. Water appeared and floated in mid air, and then it flowed down into the creature’s mouth. The room was disappearing, replacing a garden. “You’re a genius Nuddles!” said Sera delightedly, hugging her brother. “Er…thank you!” said Nuddles, surprised, “Now let’s see what we’ve got to do in this garden.” Suddenly Sera and Nuddles felt really hungry. A cat came close to them and looked directly at their eyes. Then it said looking at a plate on a tree branch which Sera and Nuddles just noticed, ‘you have to fill your tummy using that. One could only be used by one’ and then it went away. Sera and Nuddles stared at it. Nuddles’s eyes then fell upon the plate, “one could only be used by one…” he murmured. “What does that mean?” he asked. “Maybe that the plate is just for one of us…fill our tummy… one…wait a minute!” Sera said. “What?” Nuddles asked curiously. Sera explained, “I think I know what to do. We have to move the plate from there and make it float in air so that it doesn’t break, then we have to make a duplicate of it and bring food in both plates and fill our tummies! Ho! That’s a combination of four spells!” Nuddles looked at Sera for a moment. Then he said, “That means that we gotta do ‘lisocarfus’ first, then ‘Radiantiferca’, after that ‘copserca’, and at last ‘asosyaneese’. Isn’t it?” “Exactly! Let’s do it then.” Sera said. Nuddles nodded. They discussed how they’ll do it together first. “Ready?” asked Sera. “Ready.” said Nuddles.  Nuddles started, “LISOCARFUS!”  The plate moved and started to fall. “RADIANTIFERCA!” said Sera at once. The plate stopped. Sera looked at Nuddles and nodded. He said, “COPSERCA”  “ASOSYANEESE!” Sera ended.  The exact copy of the plate appeared and food emerged in both the plates. Nuddles turned around and looked at Diana, “Was that right?” he asked. Diana looked delighted, she nodded. “Let’s eat then” Sera said happily. They had their meal and filled their tummies.  After eating, the plates disappeared and a kind voice said-


This is your last stage. ‘KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN’


“I think this is gonna be tough.” said Sera. “We’ll try our best…that’s all we can do. All the best then.” Said Nuddles. They kept their eyes wide open……..there was a flash….. the room was filled with bright light, it was so bright that they had to half-close their eyes. Then big and small rocks seemed to shoot to them, almost hitting them, but disappearing when it is an inch close to the body. And then came snakes, all kinds of snakes, long slimy ones slithered over to them, the room was full of snakes piled up….with another crack they disappeared and faces of monsters appeared, large and ugly ones, stretching out their tongue which were either green or filled with blood…they did their level best to put their eyes wide open……..DHUM!!


They fell down. They had closed their eyes….what do they do now? When they opened their eyes…… their surprise, they found themselves back in the castle room! The bubble blower lay on Sera’s hands. There was smoke everywhere. “Nuddles? Are you all right?” asked Sera. “I’m fine!” he replied from somewhere in the smoke. The smoke disappeared slowly.  Diana was standing there, astonished and open mouthed. “I’m back...I’m back….My castle….my room!” she whispered. Sera and Nuddles shouted together, “WE DID IT!!!!” Diana hugged them, saying, “I’ve been waiting all these years! Thank you so much!!!” They ran out of the castle.  Sera and Nuddles were waiting to tell everything to their grandma. “She’s never gonna believe it!” Nuddles said excitedly.


 One of the guards saw them and then their family was called. They came running and started asking questions to them all at once-“Where have you been?” “ Are you okay?” “ What happened?” Sera and Nuddles said, “We’re okay, we’re okay! We’ll tell you…calm down…” they sat down and told them everything. There were shrieks of astonishment all along while telling the story.  This astonishing story spread in the kingdom of Leingpak in the following day. Majority of the people didn’t believe it. They were taken to the magical world; everybody was free to go there. Diana was called as the queen and she lived in the castle which was made brand new.  Sera and Nuddles were called junior prince and princess and they were also respected by the people. Diana put a spell on the people of Leingpak that they will not reveal this secret of the magical world to any outsider.


 Just as Sera and Nuddles lay chatting and laughing at what they faced in the magical world, Sera said, “Nuddles, just think. Isn’t it the bubble blower that changed our lives?” “You’re right.” Nuddles said, taking the bubble blower from the table beside them, “This bubble blower is truly a treasure! Thank you, oh bubble blower!” they sat there laughing. The secret of Leingpak was a secret forever….

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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