All along the little blue lines.

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A poem about a boring life following a written path, watching love from a distance.

Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



All along the little blue lines I walk.

every day and every night, I walk along,

following the path layed out by my fate,

its boring and ture, but thats waht I do.

Along these lines I find love, and I loose.

As love walkes its own path beside my own.

I look over at the woman once known,

striding beside me on her own path, glowing.

The light illuminating off of her,

She sheds light upon my own straight lace path.

Know I can never have her, however,

shes the gleaming example of beauty.

For some reasons, now unknown to myself,

she travels down, her lines bringing forth growth,

in each and every step, resonating.

All I can do, is watch her, and love her.

And I would always love her, even when

im living happily ever after,

with a woman whome I also love deep,

but returns it to me, and shares my path.

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