I Decree

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This poem is an autobiography of all the things that have shaped me as a person, woman, and writer.

Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



“I Decree”

I am from gunshots “In the Ghetto” of Bluff City, TN.

And tears from parental rights long terminated.

I am made from mimicking mirrors mocking my mishaps,

A modern model of Miss Congeniality.

I am from fairy tales and aliens,

With novels as my truest friends.

I am as free as a leaf drifting aimlessly in the wind.

I am from dreams of lost checker games and the sour taste of beer,

Forced to be independent yet consumed by fear.

I am soaring above mountains, “Talons Up!” to the sky.

I am from thrilling third Thursdays of the eleventh month.

From Sharing the love, and turkey, and auntie’s sweet potato pie.

I am a rebellious daughter.

From one who wielded faith like a weapon.

I am spinning out of control; I am crawling further from the eye of my storm.

I am from lonely nights at “Heart Break Hotel” and smoked swine sizzling with barbeque sauce.

I am a dance and a praise every Sunday morning from a young age.

And yet I am fluid.

I was floating in success, a pool absent of failure.

I am drifting with purpose, a lake of endless opportunities.

I will swim to excellence, an ocean filled with accomplished dreams.

But just for now.

I am from sea to shining sea.

I am me.

I am an emotional open book with a skeleton key.

I am who I decree.


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