This Never Ending Road to Calvary

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



This Never Ending Road to Calvary.


"One day more...
Another day, another destiny...”

Valjean uttered these lines as he was running from a cold-hearted police inspector. Valjean is a middle-aged man, an ex-thief. Despite having had a good life for years, he still could not escape his past. He lived under the shadow of his past sin. The cold-hearted and unforgiving police inspector, Javert, was ambitiously determined to capture Valjean alive.

So ambitious Javert was to capture Valjean, in a cold night on a rooftop one night, he stared at the city thinking about his fugitive and said,

“There, out in the darkness, A fugitive running...
Fallen from God. Fallen from grace”

As his cold eyes stared at the dark sky and glittering stars, he committed,
“Lord, let me find him. That I may see him safe behind bars
I will never rest. Till then this I swear. This I swear by the stars!”

For Valjean, he knew that Javert is a kind of a person who will never stop chasing him. He knew that he would forever keep running from Javert as long as he lived. As he was running from Javert, he reflected,

“Another day, another destiny
This never-ending road to Calvary..."

Valjean knew, the effect on his sin was long-lasting. For him, it could not be settled. His sin was not redeemable, there was no way out. No settlement, no redemption. It was something he should bear every single day. The good deeds that he did, such as saving a dying woman’s daughter and taking care of her for many years… could not save him from the past mistake. He would never gain freedom from his past. For Javert, there is no forgiveness. A mistake must be paid.

Men are practically like Valjean. Men are bound to never ending road on their sin. Mistakes must be paid in full. There is no settlement until then. However, what happened to Calvary changed this. “At Calvary, God accepted his own unbreakable terms of Justice”, Philip Yancey wrote in his book “Where is God When it Hurts”. Contrary to Javert who sees no forgiveness on sin, God sets a rule that breaks the never-ending road.

Valjean and Javert eventually crossed a path. When Javert was fighting French rebel and was captured, Valjean saved his life. This broke Javert’s logic. After his life was saved by Valjean, should he let him go or should he arrest him? He faced a moral dilemma. Forgiveness makes no sense for Javert. In his moral struggle, he said to himself,

“And my thoughts fly apart.
Can this man be believed?
Shall his sins be forgiven?
Shall his crimes be reprieved?

And must I now begin to doubt,
Who never doubted all these years?
My heart is stone and still it trembles
The world I have known is lost in shadow.”

His whole world was torn apart by the law of mercy and forgiveness. Javert decided to let Valjean go freely. As Valjean was free, men are also free under the law of forgiveness.

Valjean’s words "This never-ending road to Calvary..." are no longer applicable. The never-ending road has been broken.




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