The Teacher: Book #1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Rodent Gazette

Look, I don't want to get serious right, but here's my advice: don't tell anyone about this story. Hi. I'm Aarons Junior, Jesse Oliver Aarons Junior. I'm writing this to my cousin, Genevieve Vavance. It was just about her stupid, cruel, and mean nightmare ever! It was about her cruel 8th grade middle school teacher, Mr. Williams. Mr. Ollie J. Williams has been a veteran teacher for 20 years. He also started working at the age of 23. At the age of 26, he got an award for being the youngest man to ever work for the principal and the district. After that award assembly junk for teachers at the staff lounge only, he also got a promotion for the first time ever! He got promoted to being the new principal at John Quincy Adams Middle School at the age of 31. After that, he had to pack up his stuff at his office and classroom from Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School and moved it to Quincy Adams. When he was done unpacking and setting up his new office upstairs for the next school year due to summer vacation for 3 months, he got ready for the summer, and also got the keys to his office. After his summer vacation for only two months due to school business, he was sending papers to houses about school notices and got overslept after sending mail. After that dizziness, he was at a memorial hospital due to a diagnose of lung cancer. The cancer got badder, and badder, and badder until the bad news. To Be Continued...

Table of Contents

The Job

The first chapter has to be continued in chapter 2 due do sleepiness. I promise, I will finish chapter 1 tomorrow. Thank you!!! =-) Read Chapter