Curse of the Black Star

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The curse runes will infect life.

Submitted: May 16, 2015

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Submitted: May 16, 2015



"I place a curse on your very existence, alive one. The runes will remain within your blood until your heart makes a change for the better. Should you die or suffer great misfortune, you will have no one to blame but yourself and your ugly soul."

If I were you, I'd pay attention for once.

"I can see the things you believe in. Endlessly wandering through life with no real fear of consequence. This is not how a human soul pays its dues in the real world. Living inside a fantasy will only bring you great suffering over time. Just because everything seems infinitely colorful, it doesn't make you immune to Father Time. And it is within that void of empty and lonely despair that you will learn a very harsh lesson."

There is no future if you keep walking on that path. The road is cracked, broken and distorted. Signs have warned you of the impending doom ahead, but you mindlessly walk forward. This isn't to scold you, this is to warn you.

"The curse is only as strong as the ugliness within your very core. Humans often let outside appearance take over, but in reality these appearances fade. When you are but a hollow shell of rotting meat, you will be remembered by the things you said, not the way you looked when saying them."

I know you will find these words once it's too late. Just know that all compassion and mercy has faded, as I feel none for you. You did this to yourself. I offered help, and I offered everything I had. And yet here you stand, cursed and alone. The black blood that runs through your veins is proof of how ugly you are inside. What a fool I was. What a damn fool I was...

"You dismissed words from the wise; you ignored saintly actions and love. You are not God. You are not above any god or any human. You are grounded to the same rules as everyone else and are not allowed to do such things. You cannot. You will not."

Your damn pride is going to kill you, you know that? You're going to die because of your pride. The curse is going to eat away at you until you bleed from your eyes and faint from the pain. Accept that you're not as great as you thought you were. You're on the same level. We all are.

"I place a curse upon you, foolish one. May the runes infect your body. Not for harm, but to teach valuable lessons. Time, Death and the Curse will not wait for you or your happiness. May Time prevent it, Death take it, and the Curse help you accept it. Begone."

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