The one winged Angel

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This is sort of a poem come story of how a person locked in his dreams starting off as the good and ending up as the evil in his selfishness, well partly i dunno the whole story myself i just wrote the thing lol hope you enjoy as i do every time i read it xXx

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



How could it be?
This awful thing
Centuries have eroded the shrine of the deed
Below are the caverns of which many have died
Above is the sky in which I will die
Those who are dead will rise from the sea
They will fly over our heads to destroy what we seek
Angles will fights for the things that we love
And Devils shall help, deviant are the scum.
The one winged angle falls to battle for the only thing he has
The half healed Demon shall be cast from hell to seize the thing he needs
The sea is forever reaching far and so the dead will come eternal
My hearts a battle ground fighting for the control of this world
And you and I are the only two in this world of many
This is all that is left of me
My Sanctuary.
My Sanctuary Is all that is left of me
A world in my head made of dreams
Flying castles in the sky
A light world shadowed but it’s dimensional double dark
Body, Mind, Soul all become one
Seething evil flows all around
Allies of strange friends unknown
Powers of flight and magic fighting
All to find the end of the story to stop the evil taking control of the heart
But when the end comes and the story is gone you wish that there were an evil
A shadow of your good will
And in the end it’s what is fact light is dark and that is that one can’t be without the other just like it is with bread and butter
The closer you come to the light the larger your shadow becomes
Will you be able to fight the shadow cast from the light that you preach?
Will you stay and fight to finish the end or will you give in to be consumed, or will you stay forever in this world in your head where everything is perfect like the song you hear when you die.
\"\"The time has come you’ve battled so hard will you fight the last fight or step out into the Dark, go home and live your life I’ll stay here where it is paradise I’ll stay and fight forever stopped in eternity to keep it like this, Leave me now forever I’ll stay locked away within my head I am the master I shall rule the heart I shall be the one to continue the story I shall be the evil oh what have I become.

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