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A poem about multiple personalities, something i'm bound to end up with hehehe dont laught at that some people do have it and its sad, oh shut up it's just a joke, please people stop fighting.

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



Sometimes I wonder who I am.
Wishing and wailing to end this war
Between myself, I’m tired now.
I just give in to their needs
Allowing myself to change my feelings.
They haunt my mind like different beings
But I know they are the same, just like me.
I turn to the left and power is there
She likes power, like Satan on my shoulder,
Evil thoughts enter my mind.
Dreams and wishes to do all,
Destruction and demise.
I creep around secretly in stealth
Corrupting the mind that we all share
I turn to the right and lowliness is there.
He whimpers in unhappy thoughts
Like the humble do-gooder on my shoulder.
In loneliness I stay, on my own by myself.
Like a ghost, I wish not to be seen
Not heard. Not to have dreams.
Disturbing the mind that we all share
I’m left with these things they are part of me.
Forever is a long time alone with three.
I have no energy left to spare,
As they corrupt my final glare.
I stare into nothing alone deep inside.
Accompanied by myself, and again with demise.
I sit there silently knowing the end is near
Wondering, why am i stuck here.
Why was I so stupid to let these things grow?
To feel the way they make me and keep it on the go
Why was I so stupid to let them keep on?
When I could have stopped them before I was too far-gone.
I’m empty now at the back of my brain.
Silently watching my life being destroyed, I’m not to blame.
They make me feel content now that it’s not mine.
So this is what it’s like going out of your mind.
I love you all; you’re in my heart,
But with no mind, I’m left in the dark.
So I’ll say my prayers and my fair dues
I will see you all, so very soon.

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