The time that was, and now forever alone.

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Life after death and the inconsistent flow of time

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



I wonder in and out of what used to be
I see the things I used to love with the things that caused me ache
I twirl around and around until I fall
It used to be so beautiful
I wonder whilst amass on the dawn of time
If only our dreams were true
The things that would have been
Things that could have been true
You’d get lost, so lost you’d forget everything you knew
All your troubles all the things that held you bound
If only they were
I see them all, everyone I knew
I look and I see
I shout but they don’t hear
I listen to their silence
And I cannot smell their fear
I doubt if I reached out I’d touch them like I once did
I see them all, various in suit
Time seems so simple, it passes
It awaits and is never still
Yet here I am gazing at all that was, is and forever will be
And yet I feel nothing, no amaze or wonder
As if I have already seen it
Perhaps in the eyes of my children and the wonders that shrouded me.
And so I sit here on the foundations, forever in the company of all things
And yet so alone

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