The Eternity Tower

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A group of Philosophers live in a tower pointing out of the sea. They are all that is left on a planet covered by water in a remote part of the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy. They discover 3 absolutely stunning paradoxes and receive a message from a very bizarre source indeed.

The Eternity Tower

Lord Zenith couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his very own eyes as he looked out of the huge panoramic window of his luxurious gothic room which occupied the very top of the Eternity Tower. He noticed that the great sea had now totally engulfed virtually every single part of the entire planet. The only piece of land that was left was the tower itself and the land immediately below it which was one mile long and half a mile wide. He knew that if there was another Tsunami caused by either a meteor or an explosion of the great springs from the deep, that the tower itself may even be covered in water too. This would mean certain death for everyone. They seriously needed a solution, and very fast!

He shouted out loudly to Eldrin the young apprentice in their own unique language of the Monks of Eternity, "Eldrin, go and speak to Lord Devindon and find out if there has been anything today, anything at all? If we hear something from the Bee it will be most wonderful!"

"Yes my Lord," said Eldrin the young apprentice as he went off back down the spiral stairs to the lower levels of the tower to where Lord Devindon was located with another team of monks.

The Eternity Tower itself was and always had been the grandest and tallest building on the planet Banderdel.  It had been the home of the humanoid-looking Monks of Eternity for almost 1000 years. Their very practices, beliefs and rituals had slowly but surely been shunned by the rest of the planet who due to their very slow technological advance, somehow 'knew better.'

The Monks of Eternity were an elite group of about ten lords and thirty apprentices who had given themselves the single task of trying their very best through any means possible to contemplate and grasp the very concepts of infinity and eternity and to reach out to the stars to see if anyone was watching or listening. With the help of a few of the outsiders who had developed technology and joined them in their quest they constantly reached out to the stars to see if there was a message from anyone.

The planet Banderdel where they live was roughly earth sized and was part of a star system on the very outer edge of the huge and beautiful Andromeda Spiral Galaxy. The planet was entirely covered by sea other than two continents. The continent of Landa where the Monks and the outsiders lived was roughly 75 miles long. There was also a circular continent on the far side of the planet called Quantralia which was solely  inhabited by strange huge beautiful flying animals known as '"Skyhorses." Skyhorses were famously able to fly round the entire perimiter of the planet and many years ago could be seen by the monks flying high above the tower. But now, due to the recent Tsunami, Landa and the million or so people who lived on it had been engulfed by water. All that was left was the monks in their tower on the western mile long edge of the continent of Landa. Was Quantralia on the far side of the planet covered also? Nobody knew, because very few people had ever been that far. No Skyhoreses had been seen by anyone for quite a while.

Eldrin came running back up the stairs to Lord Zenith and said to him, "Master, there has been nothing today, no word from the Bee. Nothing at all today I’m afraid."

Lord Zenith with a sad look on his face said, "All we need is one word from The Bee. If that comes it will be magical, it is what we have been seeking for many days now and I really fell, wait, I just know that The Bee is looking out for us!"

"It will indeed be wonderful," said Eldrin. He then walked over to Lord Zenith and said, "I know that we have been seeking truth for so long but it is great that just before the Tsunami 50 days ago, one of the outsiders came in to join us before his race was sadly wiped out."

"The outsiders have treated us monks like dirt for centuries Eldrin, they have looked down on us," said Zenith.

“Well this outsider has helped us set up a machine with a big screen and a big horn so that we can hear signals from above, signals from far off. It is because of him that we now know about The Bee.”

“Yes I know,” said Lord Zenith, “I think it may be the will of The Bee that the outsider came here and helped us make the machine so that we could see The Bee. It is now 10 days since The Bee appeared on that screen. I believe that it has been trying to contact us for a long time. If the tide rises even further, maybe The Bee will come down and rescue us.”

“I hope so,” said Eldrin.

A little later, Lord Zenith went downstairs to one of the lower levels of the great Eternity Tower for a ritual known as contemplation. Contemplation is where a group of monks get together to try and mentally and verbally grasp and understand the very concepts of infinity and eternity. Where does the universe end? Does it go on forever? It must do! But it can't do! The Monks of eternity were forever seeking out the truth of these concepts by any means possible.

Lord Zenith sat in a circle of chairs with Lord Anzabar and a few apprentices. The apprentices job was to listen and not speak and let the lords speak.

Lord Anzabar sat there in his long red robe and red hood. He was the first one to speak, “The very truth that we face is completely impossible in itself. Space must go on forever, and yet it can't. If there is a wall at the end of the Cosmos then what is behind it? And what's more, what is behind that?”

Lord Zenith replied, “Indeed, while we sit here in what are obviously normal surroundings, the reality of the universe is anything but normal. If space goes on forever, and it absolutely has to, then the very sum total of matter that we can see or could ever see through the grandest of equipment is but nothing in the grand scale of things. What else is out there? I don't mean in the universe, I mean beyond it, outside of it? Are there simply trillions upon trillions of universes and even then their sum total occupying nothing more than a singularity in the grand scale? And in all those many universes, realities, dimensions, what is taking place at exactly this precise moment in time right now?”

Lord Anzabar said, “These themes are indeed beautiful Lord Zenith!”

“Indeed they are,” Lord Zenith replied.

The rest of the group, four very humble apprentices who sat there wearing far less impressive clothing simple kept quiet, nodding occasionally and making notes.

Lord Anzabar continued, “I wonder, oh I wonder if there is a race, a consciousness, a group of people, a civilization out there somewhere that has indeed grasped the whole of infinity. There was a member of our own order 700 years ago who lived in this very tower, his name was Lord Transcendent, a man who had claimed to have mentally grasped the very concepts of eternity and infinity. When he was questioned as to the extent of his knowledge and revelation, he simply said that it was too difficult, to explain. He just chose to remain quiet for the rest of his life, refusing to ever again take part in the contemplation rituals.”

Lord Zenith spoke again, “Yes I have heard of him. I also remember back when I was an apprentice, there was a time where people thought that there could be literally billions of universes in each atom.”

The conversation continued for about ten minutes along similar lines.

Suddenly, the door burst open. It was Bodo, one of the apprentices, “So sorry to stop the contemplation ritual, but the tide is rising and it is rising fast. We think that the recent tsunami has somehow interrupted the springs from the deep releasing far more water on a daily basis than ever before. The pathway down to the cliff had a signpost in it the other day. We thought that it had been stolen, but we notice that it is still there in its original position out at sea, barely visible above the surface of the water. The tide is rising, to put it simply, we are doomed!”

Lord Zenith stood up, “Thanks Bodo. Yes, I was aware of this, I had noticed that the tide was rising. We are indeed doomed, partly because of that and partly because all the females in the world are now gone, so nobody is being born and we can hence no longer take in new apprentices from the outsiders city which is of course submerged. However, I have faith that The Bee, whoever he, she or it is will save us. The message that came from The Bee recently I believe has come at the right time and I do believe that The Bee is our answer.”

Bodo spoke again, “And there's something else, The Outsider says that he has tried to familiarise himself with the language of The Bee and that he now has a new recording of the message from The Bee itself and he claims he can show it on some screen of some kind.”

Lord Zenith spoke, “He said that the other day and all we got was a few words simply saying, 'This is the Bee!'”

“Yes but the recording of the signal from outer space where The Bee lives seems to be stored in the machine the outsider has made,” replied Bodo, “ and he is now able to play more of it! I'm going along to hear it!”

Lord Zenith said, “Okay, we are doomed as a society, possibly in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks, if this contraption that the outsider has brought in will help us, let’s go down to the lower levels where he is and see what the message says!”

The whole group decided to walk down a central spiral staircase towards what was known as the Experimentation Room. This is where certain electrical equipment had been set up for the sole reason of seeking and searching out for extra-terrestrial life. It was the equipment in this room that had put them in touch with the Bee.

However, as the group were deep in their contemplation on the essence and nature of infinity, they decided to continue as they walked. Lord Zenith continued talking as his long robes flowed behind him on the staircase, “Lord Anzabar, have you ever thought of this? What about eternity? I mean, infinity is difficult enough to grasp, but eternity. Let's just say for instance that everything was created or has formed even 1,000,000,000,000 years ago, what happened 1 second before that? If time started at that point, what gave rise to that event?”

“Quite true,” Lord Anzabar said, “The known history of civilisation on our particular world doesn't go back more than several thousand years. Everything was destroyed by the last great Tsunami when the waters rose and then fell since that time. We have no idea where we came from. Did The Bee put us here? Did something else? Oh I wish we knew the answer to these questions and more.”

Everyone walked into the Experimentation Room where the outsider stood along with a few apprentices. Next to the outsider was Lord Devindon who had first welcomed the outsider in due to his proposal which involved giving the monks his electrical equipment and knowledge in return for somewhere to stay in view of the impending flood . The outsider was also a great fan of the Monks famous Seaweed Wine along with the delicious fish buffets that they were well known for.

The outsider stood there in very drab nondescript clothing, looked around and said to everyone, “Hello, you are all aware that for some time now, we have had an audio message coming through my device, our device. I believe this message comes from a far off place in the universe. I know that all of you have been seeking the truth, well I believe that this device will lead us to the truth.”

“Just get on with it,” said Lord Anzabar who didn't look as though he was in the mood for a condescending lecture on technology from an outsider.

The outsider carried on, “Well I have recorded a message which I would like to play for you.”

The outsider then pointed to a black device which was basically a cube on the floor about waist height which had a grey screen on the front. He pressed a switch at the side and a very strange image in black and white appeared on the screen at the front. A figure in white stood there and with a smile said, “This is the bee....”

And all of a sudden, as soon as the thing had appeared, it disappeared again and the machine went off.

The outsider said, “I'm so sorry but I am unable, completely unable, at the moment, to play the message from The Bee. The device seems to be faulty. I will try my very best to fix it, I know what the problem is, I will have it ready in one hour.”

All of the Lords and apprentices walked away with their heads hung low in despair.

Lord Anzabar was the only one to speak, “This is a waste of time, a total waste of our precious time. If this recording from this Bee or whoever or whatever it is doesn't work when we come back in an hour, I will personally throw you and that awful machine thing out of the window and into the sea.”

The door slammed shut as the party left dissatisfied. There were however a few apprentices who felt that when the message from The Bee was finally able to be played in its entirety that it would be more than worth waiting for.

The outsider stayed where he was, frantically trying his very best to fix the device, while everyone else walked back up the stairs toward the higher levels of the tower.

Just at that point they heard one of the apprentices shouting the words, “Skyhorses, skyhorses” at the top of his voice from out on a balcony near the top.

They all rushed out to see Max, the excited young apprentice pointing towards the horizon in the direction of the legendary continent of Quantralia, where there were indeed a group of about 30 beautiful silver skyhorses, flapping towards them at speed with their giant magestic white feathered wings extended either side. Everyone was amazed, the sight was both beautiful and enchanting. They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Lord Devindon spoke, “So, here’s proof that Quantralia isn’t submerged. I wonder how many of those things are left? Beautiful, wonderful creatures.”

Eldrin stood there looking at the Skyhorses with a tear in his eye. The last time he had seen them in such detail was when he was young, just before he took the decision to join the monks as an apprentice. He lived in the outsider city that had now been completely submerged by sea along with all life inside it. He thought of his family and briefly began to sob. He remember how his own brother used to joke about trying to capture a Skyhorse so that they could ride on one. They had planned it, talked about it and dreamed about it, but sadly, never got round to it.”

But that was way back then!

Back in the present…..

As the Skyhorses circled the tower twice and then went off back to the direction they came from, the party left the nervous outsider alone with his contraption and assembled together without him in one of the lower levels of the tower to eat a lovely hot buffet of all kinds of seafood.

As the various lords and apprentices filled their faces with the most delicious selection of fish, shellfish and other similar delights, Lord Anzabar began contemplating with Lord Zenith about yet another incredible and yet completely paradoxical aspect of the very nature of the universe….

“What is the smallest particle possible sir?” said Lord Anzabar as he stared at Lord Zenith with a huge smile on his face.”

Lord Zenith replied, “We are told that quarks are pretty much as small as we can go with current observational equipment that outsiders gave to us a while ago.”

“Aaaaaah,” said Lord Anzabar, “Yes, but what if a single quark, just one single quark was as internally vast and complex as a supercluster of galaxies! Just imagine this, if you were to be instantly miniaturised and were to approach a quark in whatever vehicle or with whatever magnification equipment, it would stand to reason, would it not that as you got close to it, you would be able to see more of it and it would to some extent start to fill your field of view, just as would a tree if you were to get close to it….?”

“Yes!” replied Zenith.

“So, why couldn’t you simply divide what you see by half, so that the half quark would then be the smallest object? Then you could divide that object by half and so on and so forth. So put quite simply, it is not and cannot ever be possible to state that anything is the smallest object. Every single thing is always divisible by 2 mathematically otherwise it cannot exist as an entity. Massive massive paradox right there sir.”

Zenith looked completely astonished, as though a light had come on it his head, “So the whole thing, everything around us is one big paradox. Infinity, eternity and the microscopic world are absolutely are 3 complete paradoxes that we can never understand and never will, as much as we try to. Maybe this was what Lord Transcendent realised many years ago, quite simply that the extent of our brains is purposely limited.”

At this point the two Lords realised that they were surrounded by a group of some 20 Lords and apprentices who sat looking aghast at the whole conversation.

Lord Devindon chipped in, “So put simply, you are saying that there are 3 paradoxes that are set in stone in the very nature of the universe that will never be understood no matter how hard we try?

“Yes,” said Zenith.

Lord Devindon carried on, “We cannot understand how everything started at one point in time, because something must have happened one second before that. We cannot understand how space ends at one point because something must be beyond that. And finally, we cannot ever imagine or state what the smallest particle is because it can by nature be divisible by 2, nullifying its status as the smallest particle.

Eldrin the young apprentice then broke a centuries old custom of keeping silent while The Lords were talking together. He suddenly yelled out, “Could I possibly suggest my Lords that there is a divine element outside of space and time that has designed everything this way so that these 3 paradoxes themselves will cause us to reach out to some higher power?”

Lord Devindon, with a look of utter disgust on his face responded immediately, “How dare you speak before your time. You are only a young apprentice, what do you know? How could you possibly know anything? You are just a boy! Ridiculous! Outrageous! Higher power indeed, What a thing to suggest! It’s as stupid as this whole thing about this Bee thing or whatever it is that the outsider says he has made contact with. Nonsense, unscientific, totally unscientific!”

At this point the door flung open and in walked the outsider. He also interrupted the esteemed conversation of the Lords, “Excuse me, I have managed to get the machine working possibly. I can now play the entire recording that I have. I have looked at it myself, it is very interesting.”

Lord Anzabar butted in, “Okay, okay! I suppose it’s worth listening to. Centuries of our practices have not only not gotten us any closer to the truth of who we are, why we are here or anything else, we also have the added fact of our impending death at some point soon because of the rising water levels outside.”

Max, the young apprentice who had first spotted the skyhorses earlier suddenly shouted, “The water is rising even higher, I think it has sped up exponentially, something is happening somewhere.”

Lord Anzabar scanned his eyes over Max and also the outsider and everyone else assembled and said, “We need to let the outsider speak, I get the impression he knows more than we do. Go on young man, tell us more about the machine and what you have discovered.”

“Okay, “said the outsider with a huge smile of satisfaction, “ As you know I have been trying to play part of the recording for a while where the audio track just starts out by saying, ‘This is the Bee’ Well, I think the Bee is the group, planet or organization that they are part of. The word “bee” may even be part of another word or group of words. It seems as though these people have just discovered radio or visual communications and are trying to reach out to everyone for the first time. This is like an early broadcast of a developing civilization somewhere. You monks, lords and apprentices alike have fallen into the trap of thinking that they are divine, or it is divine. Well I don’t believe that to be the case.

Lord Anzabar interrupted and said, “Okay, take us to the machine and show us the whole recording. Please. Whatever it is or they are, maybe they could help us.”

A few of the others laughed to themselves sarcastically. Not many believed that the outsider or his machine would put them in tough with a developing civilization from a long way off in space. All with one accord with the outsider leading the way they filtered slowly into the experimentation room to look at the screen on the machine once again. Nobody believed for a moment that anything was actually going to work.

The outsider waited until everyone was stood in front of the machine in a semi-circle so they could all see the screen. He switched it on and said, “This I believe is the very first audio-visual recording of a far off civilization. This recording has travelled across space, for who knows how long at the speed of light.

Everyone stared at the screen with tremendous expectation….

A white figure appeared on the screen and said, “Hello, this is the bee, this is the bee, this is the bee…..”

Everyone all with one accord watching the machine just said, “Wow!

The recording seemed to be jolting and juddering and then all of a sudden it worked properly. No more jolting or jumping, the recording carried on, the figure on the screen continued to speak….

“Hello, this is the bee bee see from Alexandra Palace in London. It is 2nd November 1936. Welcome to this television broadcast from wherever you are. It’s a pleasure to be speaking to you here from the BBC studio at Alexandra palace at this very first broadcast into your homes. And now here’s some music…….”

Lord Anzabar who couldn’t understand what was said, spoke in the unique tongue of the lords and apprentices said, “Wow, so this bee, or bee bee see or whatever it is can speak to us from afar. Incredible. Maybe it is the source of all truth after all.”

And just at that point, Eldrin the apprentice offered one last word on the matter, “Or, maybe they are, like us, also reaching out for the truth!”



Submitted: January 19, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Davewalker987. All rights reserved.

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An excellent read, and very clever. I did have a slight idea about the 'Bee' but in a way that made the entire story even better.

Sat, January 19th, 2019 9:26pm

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