The Lion's Dance

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One out of three poems I had to write for an English Literature assignment last year in year 11.

I began writing “The Lion’s Dance” with the hope of creating a typical and soft sort of love poem similar to most sonnets that tied in with natural or worldly imagery. The more I got into it, however, the more it transformed into an aggressive and fast paced poem. It ended up being far more about the extremes of ‘passionate love’ and its ability to both overwhelm and appease people (e.g. provide them with “flickering content” after an exciting ‘love filled’ life) rather than about the delicate nature of teen relationships like I had intended. In order to portray this idea, I made use of personifying the two people involved in the relationship as lions, whose advances on each other seemingly cause the world to burn and sets their lives on fire.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




Eye-lined standoffs as they stutter without words
and then drop cautious smiles into beds of rosy cheeks
Two tongue tied lions, one fierce, one calm, stalk through warring herds,
of predators and prey shielding common poached antiques

A bold advance that stirs the eyes of brutes and birds alike,
and scatters scorching cinders through the pulsing forests of their hearts
A final nervy pounce, the fierce split-second strike
that drives edgy claws into gentle hands and warming, untouched parts

A bright horizon, the world is burning as they dance,
Two free lions in a ballroom land of flame
Day turns night, the world is melting in their hands
The first, soft kiss brings the fierce lion tame

A burned out field of ash and smoke and ember, with gradual descent
to a homely plain where their dead hearts simmer, in flickering content.

By David Kavanagh

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