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A vision of a world without humans, contrasted to today's world. Just something short I wrote a while ago.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




I’m walking through a valley, a grassy slope of wild grass and towering evergreens, each jaded blade and thick, tanned trunk hugging the land that rolls towards a crystal clear stream, untainted and alive. From great warm shadows, on either side of my pathless descent, auburn and bronzed stags emerge, their heavy hooves sending flowers into pollen roused explosions. Explosions, like no other. Explosions that, with the gentle coaxing of the mountain bound breeze, allow for young seeds to be carried to soils, light and friendly, from which, in time, further buds will surely blossom. Then later, perhaps, gardens of yellow and red will flourish alongside the stream, embracing further explosions of pink salmon fins, darting through the water, over pebbled, sun danced skies.

I’m walking through a valley, a crater of blackened earth and sickened brown concretes, households and carcasses engulfed in flame and war and poisonous natures. A child and foetus rot in the attic of an upturned lodge, splintered trunks of melted steel foundations jutting into a jungle of twisted smoke and skipping, screaming heartbeats. An explosion, like all others. An explosion, a glowing pillar rising into Human’s sky, raining toxic piss onto ruined cultures. Sickly sewers of blood cascade down the mountainous hill of juddered prisons, schools and day-care facilities, all burning like gasoline dowsed coal.

I’m walking through two worlds and two dimensions. Two realities, one forgotten. The human-less world seems all much more humane.

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