Shadow Miles

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A pair of teens go to a party, but find themselves in a horror story as they pass through a dark unusual forest.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Jeremy was exhausted, twisted and broken as a large man threw him out of the club, his cane falling behind him. Kelly was following quickly behind, tutting lowly at him, her hips swaying rhythmically. Jeremy swore at the brute of a man holding the door. “Leave him be, Jer.” Kelly snapped, standing above him. Her eyes rolled mockingly, making Jeremy scowl and push himself up.

“He threw me out for no reason!” he retorted. His arm raised to the direction of the bar with his eyebrows lowered towards her in a glare. They stared at each other. His arm fell and he avoided her gaze. “Let’s go, Kelly.” Jeremy snarled, leaning down to pick up his cane. He dusted himself off. He took a glance back at Kelly, then started walking towards the dirt trail leading to their flat. Kelly sighed and sprinted to catch up.

His cane was swaying behind him, loosely held in his right hand as he whistled a little tune to himself out of boredom. It was dusk, his mood dim. Behind him, Kelly – his ex – was complaining, nothing out of the usual. “Jeremy..!” She whined, stamping her foot. Sighing, he whipped around to glare at her in disdain. He watched her as she crossed her arms and waited for him to respond to her incessant nagging.

There they stood, in a silence that crept unnervingly around them. They could hear the distant songs of birds and the flow of the wind through the autumn leaves. She leant forward. “My feet are sore,” she said. “How long left?” Her constant complaining made him grit his teeth.

“If you don’t like it, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have dragged me out here.” He mocked in a raised tone, his eyebrows furrowing down in annoyance. He turned back to the trail and resumed his torturous walk. Behind him, Kelly reluctantly followed; unhappy but not complaining. Always keeping her agitated glare on him, although he could not tell.

Minutes of silence passed with them following the dirt trail. Kelly had taken to pouting and making small noises to catch Jeremy’s attention; he simply ignored her. A chill seemed to creep in out of the blue, sending a shiver down Jeremy’s spine and making Kelly shake. The chill brought with it a sense of unease and a sudden feeling of uncertainty.  Jeremy stopped unexpectedly, causing Kelly to knock into him. It had become gloomy, unnaturally dark. Jeremy glanced around; what was once a forest littered with beautiful colours and melodic sounds, now seemed dead and eerily silent.

“What is it, Jeremy?” Kelly asked, picking up on the now tangible feeling of fear emanating from her ex. Her expression changed, from one of angry dismay to sheer panic as she sensed the sudden change in atmosphere. She tugged on his sleeve as he gazed out into the blackness, then his eyebrows furrowed and his gaze wavered. They stood in almost complete silence, the only sound was the rustling leaves as the wind breezed through them.

He got a better grip on his cane and took a hold of her. “We’ve got to get going,” he said, pulling her forward. Kelly yelped at the sudden forcefulness her ex had shown; it wasn’t like him to have such a sense of urgency. Jeremy pushed himself up from a ledge, he turned back and stared at his ex. She hissed at him in annoyance.

“Help me up,” she demanded. Her arms moving to grasp at his, only to watch him turn around with sweat cascading down his forehead. He was increasingly worried as he took her hand and she groaned, she felt her body being tugged up, till her feet touched solid ground. Kelly was shaking. Jeremy was too.

He turned and looked down at her. Jeremy pulled her in close for her own comfort, then started their journey again. Wordless, Kelly followed with Jeremy’s hand pulling her along. “Jeremy… I don’t know if I can keep going,” she wavered. She took quick glances behind her, she saw nothing but enclosing trees and impending darkness.

Jeremy was silent, dragging her without a sense of empathy. “You have to, Kelly.” He replied, staring straight ahead. Kelly hissed at Jeremy, his legs stung with pain. Thickets of brush pushed aside to allow their passage. Cuts began to litter the couple as overhanging branches rioted against their journey.

Kelly yelped out in surprise as a branch tangled around her foot, making her tumble to the ground. Her hand lost Jeremy’s grip as he continued down the path, disappearing from her sight. Kelly’s gaze darted from tree to tree in fear. Slowly she rose from the solid ground. “J-Jeremy?” she called out into the darkness, which echoed her voice mockingly.

She spun in a circle out of panic, her gaze trying to catch the fleeing figure of Jeremy. There was only darkness. Kelly started to shiver and called out again “Jeremy?” No one responded. Fearfully she started walking down the trail again, her hands having to push away branches that attempted to keep her in their stinging grasp.

Ahead of her, light began to illuminate the darkness like a beacon of hope in the distance. Kelly stopped and stared at the luminescent light. She felt her heart skip a beat. Her teeth were chattering and she began to run towards the blanket of light. The roar of cars started to pierce the silence as her feet touched solid concrete.

Around her were empty streets and dimly lit houses. Kelly started to look around for Jeremy. No one was in her sight. She looked to their flat: the light was on. She sprinted to the door and swung it open. There was no one inside. “Jeremy?” she called. No answer.

She took a momentary glance behind her, desperately hoping that he would be there. She saw a figure, blackened from the darkness surrounding it. Kelly ran to the unknown object, leaving their flat door open with the light burning down just in front of the shadow. It remained still. “Jeremy!” she called happily.

Her arms wrapped around the shadow. It started making a low sound akin to a moan. “Come on, Jer. No fooling around.” She unlocked her arms from the shadow’s waist and pulled it into the light. She was horrified. In her grasp was the arm of her ex, but when it touched the light it seemed to burn and wash away with the wind. Whoever or whatever this was, it was no longer Jeremy.

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