The Land of Green Ginger

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The Land of Green Ginger is a street in the Old Town of Kingston-Upon-Hull in England, UK. The Old town is famous for it's sightings of ghosts....

The Land of Green Ginger

She took a deep breath.  Lucy was confused and a little frightened at what had just happened.  Her mind went over the events that led to where she was now.  She was a student of mathematical physics and she had found what many others were seeking; a way of creating stable wormholes into other times and worlds.  She remembered the exhilaration of her discovery and then what would be done with it.  She lived in a world where nature had ceased to exist.  The oceans were sterile and all green had ceased to live unless Man grew it for food.  Technology had killed the planet and she was desperate to escape.  Her crowning achievement was to combine the technology to open the wormholes (or portals as she preferred to call them) with her Artifical Intelligence Device into one simple hand-held device.  She called it AID.

Now she had been found out and her employers were seeking to remove the device from her.  They considered it to be theirs.  They had surrounded her laboratory and had thrown up a blanking field that theoretically would prevent her device from working.  Ignoring the dangers Lucy had activated the device and stepped through the only portal that AID said was available.

The light of the device showed that she was in some kind of small room.  It was brick built and was very damp and chilly.  There seemed to be no entrance or exit.  AID indicated that he needed to re-start and promptly closed down.  Fear ate at her for there was no escape and she was in total darkness.  She had had the foresight to bring her ‘survival’ pack of food, water, clothing, shelter etc. but it would not last long in here.

Light appeared in front of her as AID came back.  He was showing four portals to try. Excitedly she opened the first portal and a small hole appeared in the brick wall.  She could see that it was a frozen world and that she had no chance of survival in it.  Quickly she closed it to save power and stop the temperature dropping further in her ‘dungeon’.  Now she selected the second portal and watched as a window on to the new world opened.  Disappointment crushed her, for she could see it was a dead world as if a great cataclysm had entirely destroyed all life.  AID indicated that it was radioactive and could not support life. Now she was truly terrified for she had only two chances left of escape.

She switched to the third portal and before it could form entirely the screen display showed that the fourth portal no longer appeared to exist.  She felt a deep panic begin to grip her.  Slowly she watched the third portal fully form and there appeared buildings but all was in darkness.  It seemed to be okay.  AID indicated that it was safe for her to enter.  She gingerly stepped through the portal and found herself in a street. 

The feeling of joy that coursed through her as she stepped into her first proper world she would never forget.

She looked down at AID and read what he had found out.  She was in the early 21st century and she was in the city of Hull or to be more precise, what was known as the ‘Old Town’ of Hull.  According to AID she was in a street called the ‘Land of Green Ginger’.

She saw that she was by a building called the ‘George Hotel’ which was very distinctive in its black and white livery.  AID indicated that parts of the windows were wooden, a material that was all but gone from her world.  She went to touch one of them and she felt her hand pass through.  Looking down at herself she was almost transparent.  Then she understood that the blanking field had had an effect after all and as a result she had not quite fully materialised in this world. She did not understand why her feet did not pass through the path she was stood on.  Then it dawned on her she would be unable to eat or drink anything from here.  She must find a way out.  Almost as if AID read her mind he bleeped and looking down she saw that he was indicating that the fourth and final portal was in this place about a hundred metres away.  She knew that she had to find and take this final chance.  She set AID to navigate to the portal.  It was indicating that she should walk away from the ‘Land of Green Ginger’.  She followed until she met a crossroad and then she turned left into ‘Silver Street’. She noticed that the surface of the road was cobbled, an indication of its age.  She walked on one side of the street and looked at herself in a shop window as she went past.  She was becoming less whole and more wraithlike by the minute.  Then she saw on the other side of the road a man walk by.  He seemed unaware of his surroundings, being absorbed by the small black box he held to his right ear and talking as if to somebody unseen nearby.  Suddenly he looked directly at Lucy and even from the other side of the road she saw the fear and panic come into his face.  He stared and then dropped his phone and ran for dear life.  Quickly she continued down ‘Silver Street’ until she came to a road on either side of her.  AID wanted her to cross the road to reach ‘Scale Lane’ on the other side.  Gingerly she stepped on to the road and started to cross to the other side.  Suddenly Lucy became aware of a blaring noise from her left and saw a vehicle about to strike her.  She instinctively tensed for an impact and felt to her amazement the vehicle pass through her.  The feeling was very strange and looking down Lucy realised that she was becoming more translucent by the minute.  She heard the car screech to a halt but she did not see the driver get out, clearly shaken, for Lucy had now started up ‘Scale Lane’.  She stopped outside of the ‘Manchester Arms’ for AID was clearly indicating that the fourth and final portal was somewhere inside.



Lucy walked directly at the shut door, passed through and entered the pub. It was quiet, only a few customers were in.  Nobody noticed as she moved around trying to locate the position of the fourth portal.  AID was indicating that it was somewhere below her but she could see no obvious way of going below.  Then she saw an exit off the side of the bar and moved towards it.  She caught her reflection in a mirror behind the bar and was shocked to see how transparent she had become.  There was not much time left.  Suddenly a man came round the corner she was heading for and walked straight through her. A look of horror came into his face.  His hands went to his hair as if someone had walked over his grave.  He rushed to tell of his experience.  By now Lucy had seen an open door with stairs leading down into the cellar.  She moved forward to go down them and found that she was now floating just above for her feet appeared to have completely faded.  AID said that the fourth portal was very close.  Suddenly a light snapped on above her.  She was in the pub’s cellar.  She saw a camera that appeared to be recording her movements but took no notice.  The portal was now directly in front of her.  She set her device to open the portal and with a rush of golden light radiating into the cellar a vista of unspoilt beauty opened in front of her.  It was filled with swathes of green punctuated by crystal blue waters.  It seemed to be teeming with life.  She gasped for joy at the wonder before her and the relief from her predicament. She did not really need AID to tell her that here was her new home.She took a deep breath and stepped through the portal which closed behind her.  Lucy was gone from the ‘Land of Green Ginger’.

After closing time the landlady of the ‘Manchester Arms’ was tidying up when she noticed that the closed circuit camera monitoring the cellar and its contents had switched on at some point and recorded movement.

She played back the recording and was startled to see what appeared to be an image of a young woman, floating off the ground, virtually transparent and then the screen had filled with light and then nothing.  The wraith of the young woman was gone and the cellar was back to normal.


She knew that she should take more seriously those stories of her pub being haunted that her regulars loved to regale her with.

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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