Where have i become

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Initially not meant to be a story,this is simply taken from my own thoughts throughout a difficult time

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



I followed the streetsand learned of life,that thing where everyone's afraid and the point where people are made. Trusting the naive realism that is within youth, Truth shadowed by wreckless idealism.Sitting through an out of body experience or is it simply the absence of the transient trigger of fatigue,,,listening becomes a state of auditory hallucination,Slowly becoming anti- dogmatic seeing things the way they really are and not letting fear block my site. The inner turmoil, that inner feeling of iminent death has vanished into the subconcous once again. A subconcous...a friend i met, a friend il always be, a friend thats deep down inside always looking at the bright side, always on edge with whats going on inside of that egomaniac thats taken the reigns,leading where no man has once ventured, The land of the unknown.

A land where evryone in it is under seige of a false explanation,under rule of riches not wealth.

Got it in theyre heads that happiness can be purchased through materialistic gain, forgetting what wealth was once before, a feeling of love,respect and knowing that once you have the four essentialsyou will live like a king, a roof over your head,food,electricity and friendship.

people often forget about how intrueging life is,they walk by and think nothing of theyre existance. Have you ever sat down and given nature back it's time? the time it gave you. we will never have a reason as to why we exist but we can look at the world in awe and amazement. we are given the most complex of thought processes,it's upto you how you use it. make life simple, appreciate every samll thing. When we do get time to sit down appreciate it, i know i do, having spent queit some time pondering on life and wondering why isnt it easier, then i remind myself that an easy life would be boring, i was born to fight and stand up for what i believein and never giving in. confused by where life is meant to take me,having chased a dream of musical expression i now wonder did i go deaf in one ear as a hint, a hint telling me to sit down and write down whats going on inside my head on paper. to possibly show someoneelse that not everything is bad. i will say writting does provide relief, nobody says that this ever has to be shown to the world or even ever be found again...

I could make this vanish into thin air and nobody would ever get an insight into my existance.

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