Feeder of the Feast

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You know I must say I feal strange writing about my writing because I don't care to tell the reader what it is they should get from whatever piece. Nonetheless this poem is is in reference to the mass desctruction mankind has inflicted upon the planet. It is a dismall view that all that may remain are pigions and the feeder of the feast.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Feeder of the Feast

In the forests stand our cities, no birds of prey, only of pity!

Man has come in all his glory waging war and building story.

Nature stands not up in arms waging war on city charms.

Nature plays a patient game. For long ago has staked her claim.

Pigeon feeder whats the reason? They have come to eat of treason!

Treason of thy mother earth, Genocide! At least!

Death to all but pigeons

and the feeder of the feast!

David James Dottle

Copyright 2000

© Copyright 2018 David James. All rights reserved.

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