Here in Space Alone

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I wrote this for a peace concert I orinized at Nay Aug Park In Scranton,PA for several years. The concert was quite successful. Every year I, with the hekp of friends, Managed to get the best bands in town to perform for free.We were also on the news each year.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



alt The world does not have to be the way it is. That is incredible when you fully consider it. To think the world does not by any means, necessarily have to be any particular way is astonishing The statement "The world does not have to be the way it is is seems quite simple and as a Staten it is. However as a concept and considered in it's fullest since it is absolutely emancipating.

Society, humanity, in fact, seems content to think that this is the way it is and that this is the way it was somehow meant to be yet that is absolutely completely false! The very fact there is life on this insignificant (other than it's our home) sphere of matter spinning around one of billions if not trillions of stars out on the edge of one of one arm of one of billions of spiral galaxy........... I was going to say coincidental however even that is an overstatement. The fact that there is life,intelligent or otherwise on this planet coincides with nothing. It is simply by chance that we exist. Man however does not want to face this simple and self evident truth.

The reason mankind does not want to face this fact is, I believe because he can not handle or refuses to handle the responsibility. We look to nature and or god and say " You put us here now tell us what to do" We of course have not gotten an answer and it seems therefore we're going to let our world be destroyed and blame it on destiny and/or God. This attitude is so deeply engrained into our physic that even while writing this I find it difficult to separate myself from it.

The responsibility is ours! We are here by chance and only by chance. It is up to us if we remain for that decision is left not to chance but to us It is imperative that we decide as well. For indecision at this point could surly be fatal! This is our word our planet and we have got to maintain it.

There is no cosmic force guiding our destiny and no spiritual force, other than our own that's going to save us. WE ARE HERE IN SPACE ALONE! WE MUST COME TO TERMS WITH THAT FACT OR I DOUBT WE'LL BE AROUND MUCH LONGER!

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