The Devils Advocate

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The only thing I can say about this piece is that one must take heed of the tittle. This may very well be the darkest piece I have ever,to date, written. I advocate that which I despise.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



The Devils Advocate

I have been abandon by my brethren more I say blood of my blood flesh of my flesh lulling me into complacency.

Insinuations of affection draw me closer. Ultimately close enough to be relinquished of my clothing.I am left naked,

ashamed, embarrassed and weeping. Is there a word adequate in any language to describe naked, ashamed

embarrassed, weeping abandonment? I pray not! Foolish! Foolish! Me! Affection starved allowed have I the minions of

Satan to render me nude.

The love one feels for a Mother, brother, daughter, father, son or other held so close yet ever so slightly beyond

reach of desperate grasping. From deceitful insinuations of love I abruptly turn to face the darkness ever threatening

from behind. I would prefer to embrace eternal loneliness than give satisfaction to those who would play with such a

profound emotion ;love. I have come to the conclusion that the most beautiful of all emotions love in the hands of the

wicked is the ultimate weapon of emotional destruction. Love can be the most painful, evil, sinister emotion even beyond

hatred. Love is death turned toppsy-turvy. Rather I should say as such it can be used.

I seek not sympathy for I am stone! I seek not tenderness for I am hard! I seek not warmth nor love nor God for God

is dead! I reside among the wicked and my names are many. They sometimes call me Christ, love, family, brother,

mother, father, son etc.. The only name that's truly mine is that given me in the fires of creation. Welcome are you all to

guess upon this name . I will in fact assist you as such. I am the infant torn mercilessly from mothers lifeless breast! I

am the sweet young innocent girl raped, defiled, buried alive! Is there evil more than this!? Dare I ask? Yes! I dare!

Show me! Show us all the the sheathing reached filth piled so high no light can shine beyond thee! seek no deity. I long

for nothing! I need only to embrace the darkness to defeat it! I need only to adore loneliness for my companion it shall

be.I need only to be dead! Black! Hard! and remorseless to live for ever!

The deepest depths of hell hold no fear for me. I am Satan it is certain! I am lovethatis clear! I am death, disease,

pestilence as well as every endlessly insatiable unfulfilled desire ever known. I am your friend, perhaps your parent,

sibling or lover. Alas! Alas! I am all of these and more. Most of all I am you! Yes!You! Have you not suspected?

We are in love. Our love runs deep and beyond a shadow of a doubt it is eternal to say the least!

Oh! What a wondrous, glorious adventure it shall be! Eternally we'll consume! Eternally we'll conspire! Eternally we'll

defile, deface, destroy,peruse and covet! We'll covet eternity eternally. Forever we'll burn crosses, puppies, people and

children! We'll separate mothers from daughters fathers from sons Jesus from God Mohammad from Allah! Oh! How

fulfilling to have found my calling! I am overwhelmingly elated! And truly it shallcontinue until the fires of creation

themselves have been extinguished! Praise God!

David James Dottle

Copyright 2000

© Copyright 2018 David James. All rights reserved.

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