After reading 2 Peter

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Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



After reading 2 Peter.
Yesterday was a day when I had a privilege to meet close than at any time in my life this part of Holy Book. I thank God for not letting me go before I read it. Sometime I imagine myself leaving this world with some of the pages of Bible never been opened by me and feeling of great waste colds my heart. I have an impulse to sit and read from cover to cover, but it could hardly help. As I live in time, so the Bible lives in time next to me. And if it is a source of sense, than all attempts to make own are weak and sometimes simply ridiculous, though complex, confusing as they must be, trying to find sense of things outside the origin. Nevertheless that is what I occupy myself with, and if not that, would I have a right to be called a man? So I live days and weeks without looking into Bible, make random observations of the events, some of the observations particularly touch me, not all of them. But only few from this category stir me intellectually. And yet even less few contain a vitamin of wisdom and growth.  And even these I constantly misuse.
But I look in the Bible and many of the consciously lost events, which I could but failed to appreciate, revive in my mind and I work with them again, effortlessly. When I read 2 Peter yesterday, many puzzling fragments from past took their correct pleaces. My hands were handful of them and that was paralyzing me. Somehow, from reading simple, assuring, confident words of Apostle I knew better how to deal with those shadows from my past, which of them  are important, which are not mine at all, which should be heed to and, also which should  be left alone. The reading of these two pages was very timely and therefore fruitful. Should I read yesterday half a Bible, it would not make me greater good. Bible has entered my life just in time. And that is what I ask-to live my time through all of its pages until I go.

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