The Book Report

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Just trying to give a book report and things go bad.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



“Troy are you awake?”

I snapped out of the daydream I was having as I stared at Mrs. Samuels and nodded.  “Yes.”

“Then you wouldn’t mind coming up here and giving your book report to the class.”

I tried to swallow as I shuffled my papers around.  My palms felt sweaty, and it felt like I had just been hit in the gut.

“Please hurry Troy we don’t have all day.”

I nodded and tried to calm down.  I need to relax before I stood up.  I tried to think about baseball, but I kept picturing Mrs. Samuels in uniforms from that movie about female ball players.  I pulled my report out and saw no way to avoid it.  If I didn’t give this book report, my grade would drop.  I took a deep breath and stood up.

I made it to the front of the class holding my book report in front of me but standing up there I couldn’t remember what I had written, and I was going have to lift it to read it.  I could see it, the minute I did the snickering would start and then outright laughter.  I would go the rest of the school year if not for the rest of my life known as the kid that popped one in English class.

I felt light headed as I stood there trying to think of a way to save myself.  The room spun, and I felt calm all over as my legs shook.  I dropped my report as I grabbed for the desk.  The floor came rushing up and blackness.

I came around in the nurse’s office.  I sat up and saw Miss Harris.  Her back was to me and I felt the familiar tingling as I thought oh god here we go again.



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