Feel So Close With You Tonight

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Feeling your body close to mine, skin against skin, we find such closeness together as we complete each other so perfectly.

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012






Shadows of the night surrounds us

as our bodies lay so close together

feeling your breasts pressed against my chest

the sweet gentle sound of your breathing 

as you slumber within my arms.

Oh my Lady 

how I wish this night would never end

as I feel the closeness with you 

holding you so tight against me 

never wanting to let you go

as you complete me so perfectly

even though he are now in slumber

and I lay here watching you

waiting for sleep to come to me

I am entranced by the emotions that succumb to me

as the love which my heart does hold for you

grows stronger with every heart beat

and all that I long for 

is to stay with you under this soft silken sheet

cuddling with you forever

so that together we will always feel

this closeness that we do share

and let our hearts entwine

while we become one spirit....one soul....

that shall soar to the heavens and beyond

and together 

we will see how we complete each other

so perfectly in the union of true and perfect love.


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