For An Extraordinary Girl

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I'm just giving a girl compliments.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013




I don't know why I'm attracted to you.
Might be because you're smart and gorgeous too.
Bullies say you're ugly and fat.
They're wrong, you're much better than that.
You are excellent, you are the best.
You are so perfect, you should feel blessed.
I was sad, until I heard your voice.
Voice so beautiful, made me rejoice.
Your beauty and wisdom is God's gift.
I pray all night for your stress to lift.
Being your friend is the best thing to me.
Making you happy should be my duty.
I always loved the way you smile.
I'd be sad if I miss it for a while.
Even though I’m having the worst day,
Talking to you make me feel okay.
You're beautiful, why can't you see?
I already noticed when you looked at me.
If you call me a good friend.
My stress will soon mend.
After I lied to you, I made such a fuss.
I was worried that I would lose your trust.
I will never insult you, I swear,
I am saying this because I care.
You are elegant and shine as bright as a star.
Even words can’t express how beautiful you are.
Bullies want to take away your glorious grin.
Mainly because they’re jealous of your perfection.
You’re attractive, both your inside and outside, 
It isn't a lie, so don't you dare deny. 
You are pretty, special, and nice, don’t say it isn't true.
I am willing to sacrifice my own life to save you.
I do not love you because of your looks, money, or fame,
People that do love you because of that should be ashamed.
You are more valuable than a diamond, and pearl,
No, you’re more precious than anything in the world.
You’re so kind and nice you must be the angel of love,
God’s greatest creation, sent from the heavens above. 

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