Hunting the Hunter

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Two assassins in Hong Kong have been hired to kill another assassin from America hired by the CIA.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



Location: Hong Kong, Time: 12:00PM, Date: January 7th, 2007 (Sunday)

A black sedan with two armed men was on it's way to a fancy hotel in Kowloon, they didn't have much time to get there as their target had a plane to catch later that afternoon and was also armed on top of that. They had twice tried to eliminate their target but each time they had encountered distactions that led to them missing the crucial moments, sort of  a shot of bad luck really, mind the pun. The first attempt was outside a strip club in Victoria Island's Red Light District, the target had met with a detective from Hong Kong police by the bar, they didn't catch what was being said as the music was blaring loudly as were the drunken sailors inside, they left and waited out front. When their target left and walked to his car, one of the men pulled out his silenced Beretta and was about to cap him when a drunken sailor stumbled out knocked him to his feet, by the time he recollected himself the target had already drove off into the night. The second attempt was at a fancy waterfront seafood restaraunt, there the attempt failed because the person the target was meeting with was chief of police! Now the third attempt, their boss who was a powerful but paranoid figure in the underworld had tracked down this target's hotel and had warned them: "He's not one to be easily caught off guard, he's not just a typical policeman or spook but a real pro, be careful and try to do it quietly this time."

The target was still in his room which was one of the highest levels of the hotel, his suitcase was already packed and suit already layed out, he had just had a shower and was shaving at the moment, he was fairly clean shaven anyways and had a crop of black, slightly oily looking hair, his eyes were a bit soft looking and blue, rather tall. He was sent to Hong Kong on an off-the-books contract by a "friend" who was working some black-ops assignments in Asia for the CIA, the assignment was to terminate an arms dealer who lived a rather lavish life in Hong Kong under the protection of a local Triad group and some personally hired mercenaries was supplying guns to a guerilla group in Indonesia with ties to Al Qaeda, the guns themselves were supplied by a Russian Mafia faction made up of old KGB officers and Soviet Army generals. The target had completed the hit the previous night, sneaking into the arms dealers' large house on Victoria Peak and pop him in his sleep with a silenced USP pistol and a rather expensive looking pillow. Next to stall the Triads a bit the target's "friend" set him up with the chief of police to have a crackdown on Triad activity to divert their attention from the matter at hand. Now the last thing to do was make it back to the states in one piece.

The two armed men had used the employees entrance and had snuck up to the target's floor in janitor outfits, both men brought some cleaning materials and a trash bag to get rid of the evidence after they were done, when they entered the room one smiled with sadistic glee as he saw the bathroom door was open slightly revealing the running water at the sink, he would be easy to catch off guard thought the gunman despite what his boss told him. He walked slowly to the door and after a short pause kicked it open and fired a shot into what he belived would be the target's head, no one was standing there and suddenly the gunman realized he just walked into a quickly-laid trap and what his boss really meant by the warning, the target hid in the shower and jumped out with a combat knife and struck the gunman dead before he knew what hit him, the second gunman shaking fired a shot but the target dodged quickly and tossed the combat knife into the other gunman's arm forcing him to drop the gun, the gunman screamed as he tried to get the knife out and lunged at the target who grabbed the man's bleeding arm and twisted it causing him to drop the knife with a loud yelp of pain, the target then rammed the other gunman head first into the shower glass doors killing him. The target then proceeded to get dressed and fix himself a quick drink, then he telephoned the police chief of the mess, they had just picked up the Triad member who had sent the assassins and managed to beat out the information about the hit, men were already on their way, the whole gang was rounded up and was at the police station so the target wouldn't have that much trouble getting to the airport as one of the cars sent was going to escort him there. The target finished his drink and grabbed his suitcase and went to check out.

"Did you enjoy your stay, Mr. Collins?" The concierge asked the target.

"Yes, it was quite allright. Just one thing to note, there was quite a problem with the glass door, wouldn't open and shattered I'm afraid." The target said.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll get maintenance up there straight away." The concierge said.

A trio of Hong Kong police officers entered the building and headed for the checkout desk.

"Oh, I think the maintanance had just arrived." Steven Collins said.


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