Dr Voltan By David Stevens

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A sci/fi and dentist story now theres a new one. this is the tale of the one and only doctor Voltan and how he helps everyone and why.

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Dear reader.


I have a passion for twisting little stories, this is one simple example of such.


 You will discover that I write on many subjects from Sci/fi to Fantasy Fiction, from Horror to the Macabre, no matter the subject matter,

The aim is to always tell a rollicking good and hopefully entertaining story, no matter the subject matter. I hope that you enjoy the free stories presented to tickle your fancy, if only just a little.

David Stevens.


Dr. Igor Voltan, Discovered.

By David Stevens.

Apparently no one likes to visit the dentist, and it was whilst watching my wife suffer the ministrations of one such human specialist, that I began to see a different side of the dentist. I wanted to paint a picture of light and fluffy fun, not the drab bleakness of the dentists office, and also try to show that dentists are human! Just like most of their patients, allegedly.





It is the habit of most dental nurses when times are quiet and the workload is slack, to gossip amongst themselves. Mostly they talk about make-up or the latest fashions, but occasionally they turn their intuition and deductive abilities onto the more senior practice members. Then the conversations roam, covering every possible topic.

They talk about the day’s patients, wondering which will be the most challenging for the Doctor to treat. They freely debate the attractiveness of the Doctor in question, asking each other, ‘Would You?’

They even debate the Doctors sexuality and life style, as well as their abilities. After all they work closely with the Doctors on a daily basis.

All these topics are assessed and discussed in every practice across the world by the nurses when things are quiet, but in one practice, a single dentist is more often the prime subject of discussion.

He is neither that old, nor that tall, nor has he got a super body or can he fly through the air, or lifts weights other men cannot lift, but he is different somehow. Not as a person, but as the dentist they work for, his name is Doctor Igor Voltan, but everyone calls him doc.

Most of the practice members have their fair share of problem patients, but not Doctor Voltan! Most of the dentists have patients with infections usually caused by poor patient hygiene, but never does Doctor Voltan! Most of the patients that walk through the surgery reception door are not keen to be there, but never is that the case with Doctor Voltan’s patients, they seem to want to be in his presence. If asked, and they often are by the nurses, the patients will say a variety of things to explain away their relaxed, almost enjoyable visits to see Doctor Voltan. None of which made any real sense, but the patients did not want to try to explain something they did not understand themselves.

The nurses always left Doctor Voltan’s surgery feeling a warm pleasant feeling of comfortable relaxation, and with very little memory of the dental work or any treatment they had just participated in. For months after Doctor Voltan had joined that surgery, the nurses had sought to explain the gaps in their memories. None had been able to, none understood why, but all of them loved being Doctor Voltan’s assistant. There was just something about him they would say, as though that was an explanation to everything.

Out of the dental surgery he just appeared to be exactly like other dentists, if not slightly more withdrawn, and harder to get to know. Once he was inside of that surgery, with the door tightly closed, everything changed! Doctor Voltan changed, and the nurse and the patients forgot!

He didn’t do anything that any could remember, he just sat in his wheeled chair, surrounded by implement trays, just like all of the other dentists in that practice. That was usually the point at which the nurses and the patients forgot what happened next, until they were walking out of the surgery again, feeling contented. Doctor Voltan always smiled as they left, keeping his secret securely to himself.

It amazed him that being new to this country and its ways, he had managed to find a niche that his skills fitted. He had never been to a British Dental School, but he had all the certificates and knowledge to prove that he had. He had never trained to repair human teeth, but he understood them better than any other dentist alive. He knew that in time his skill would become standard practice for all dentists the world over, but not yet. He enjoyed what he was able to do because he liked to help, and it pleased him to remove the pain and fear from his patients and replace it with happy smiling faces.

He would keep his secret and enjoy his knowledge until the time finally arrived, and then things would return to normal. He had made arrangements to ensure that when that time finally arrived, the practice would continue, though without his knowledge or skill.

The day came, just as Doctor Voltan departed his surgery via the rear door, he had his brilliant electric blue metal-flake painted Mazda parked as usual out there in the car park. He could drive it as well, if not better than the finest racing driver. He was more skilled in manipulating it than any Police Officer; he was after all Doctor Voltan, the man that could master any skill he desired to.

Before him the air shimmered and a bright light appeared. The car he had been expecting to drive to his temporary home was now nothing but flattened metal, crushed beneath a massive but invisible weight. Doctor Voltan felt the elation of a prisoner released from jail, his time served! He could now go home; they had discovered his location and had come to rescue him from his primitive captivity.

He entered through the open door into the light, feeling pressure on his back as the hatch closed behind him. He felt the mask of humanity he had adopted falling away from his body, as the normalcy of his race returned. He was ready and the space-ship was ready, together they departed back to his life as a Space-Ranger and deep space explorer. One with much to report concerning the budding society, primitive though it was currently, but forming and developing on the planet listed as 07132,465,0, or as it is called indigenously, Earth.

The End.


I have got to know Doctor Voltan quite well, at his request I have changed his name but still and for your information and to set the record straight, he is a dentist, he is qualified and did train for years to the highest standard currently available, he is also a nice person, despite being a dentist. He was born in Britain and there is a Birth Certificate and even parents to prove it! Most importantly, you should know I think that he is absolutely, definitely, almost certainly, as human as any dentist that can be found practicing anywhere on this planet, and the above is just a story; Honestly. Only he myself and my wife and a few chattering nurses know who he is, which is a pity as he really is a brilliant dentist. Try thinking of Dr Voltan the next time you sit in a dentist chair it might even help a little.

 David Stevens.

© Copyright 2018 David Stevens. All rights reserved.

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