KILLERS by David Stevens

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This is not a nice story it is about mans inhumanity to the creatures of the world though sadly it is both accurate and shockingly true. My intent in writing this is to highlight what has happened and is now threatening to begin again in a story of sorts. i dont expect many to enjoy this tale as it hits home but i do hope it will stimulate thought and perhapse action , may be in the dirrection of the wwf or hughs fish fight.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



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This is not a nice story, but it is accurate and to the point, it is about man and his desire and the creatures that suffer to appease those desires, it is about death on a commercial & pointless scale.




From Blue To Red And Back Again.

By David Stevens


From high above a voice echoes; foretelling of the horror to follow. A lone male stands guard on his defenseless mate; he hears the warning and understands. The peace of their blissful existence has passed, together they must run.

A single finger extends in their direction, excitement evident in its inaccurate gesticulation.

“Run, hide and run again, desperately they try to avoid their predestined fate. Death follows them surging hard on their thrashing tails; following them, hunting them! Always seeking them out when they surface for a much needed gasp of air, each blowing hard desperate to gather in the life giving gas, blasting a plum of exhalent into the air, and marking them for death.


 “There,” screams a voice from high above them hidden in their spray. “There,” screams the excited hunter as he points out the way. “There,” chime in others, so inhuman as they hunt, seeking out targets for their mighty gun. Death will come slowly, be agony filled, as one after another the mighty beasts are killed.

Exploding within them a barbed steel hook, which tears into guts at the same time destroying all hope of survival. Not a second or minute, but an hour or much more will pass, of diving, and being chasing, all agony filled!

The creatures aware now that death’s cold hand has touched them, that their mighty magnificence will be shortly obliterated from their ocean world. In a bloody red battle that rips out their guts. The whales will die; the sea looses its gentle calming touch.

Females with calves are actively sought out by the hunters, because the males will stay to protect them and therefore be easily caught. Harpoons fly, scything through the air, arcing down; floating through the air towards the humped diving back of the target as it desperately seeks deep water.

Steel barbs penetrate the hide of the whale exploding inside of them, grasping with metal spring loaded claws into the gentle creatures flesh, creatures who filled with despair frantically fight the cable pull as they seek the deeps sanctuary, attempting to survive the horror raging at the surface of their world.

Futile are their efforts, as finally exhaustion forces them to surrender to the hunter’s barbarity, then follows death, a welcome respite from the torture of the barbs. At least they are free from agony, but no longer free to swim where they want.

They have been claimed by the hunters their prey sought and caught, their lives ended as floating flag marked carcasses waiting to be collected, bobbing islands of once living flesh a mighty creature reduced. They will be drawn onto the factory ship and there dissected with long bloody knives and chains with steel hooks driven by engines, their flesh rent from bones, their oil recovered, their hide taken; there very existence eradicated never to roam the sea in peace and tranquility again.

Another whale passes at the hand of man, another whale is lost to the world, and now some want to re-start whale hunting with all its bloody horror once more, claiming that the whale stock has recovered!

The great whales are the oceans equivalent of man, an intelligent family orientated creature with whom we share this world, not a commodity to be used when there is no reason to. For What profit is it to man if we should lose the whales, our children’s children would think nothing good of their ancesters at such a pointless destruction, as we look back in history and wonder why did they do that, about other eradications.


Why do we kill them? What is the point? The Japanese claim the reason to be scientific research, yet there is little to nothing to be learnt from a carcass, and they have mastered the theory behind dissecting whale bodies into bloody chunks from which they melt the dead flesh. Admittedly they have a use for every component of the once proud whale though that is a use with no relevance to the modern world. Their destruction leaves behind nothing, so how is research achieved with the nothing that remains? Could it instead be a financial incentive that leads to the slaughter, could perilously inhuman reasons be what drives them to hunt the whales, only to fill up shops with dead whale products. If it is, then the hunt is driven by greed, because there is not a single product made that can not be created and better without the mighty creatures death.

As with rhino horn and elephant tusk the people who buy them do not understand the un-told misery they hold in their hand. They need to realise that the whales and others had to die only to please them, not for any other reason and for a very slight cost increase in some cases the item created from that beast can be made without a single death.

Whale products are justified by the fact that they are used completely therefore essential, but consider the whale products used in make-up, is it essential, there are many forms of make-up that do not contain whale product (most). Others claim they need to eat whale meat as part of their diet, yet much rots in freezers un-touched except on rare occasions, how much justification is there in that claim?

Still other products have whale added without any appreciable necessity. The truth is, that there is no justification for the wholesale slaughter of the oceans most magnificent occupants!

Whales were granted a level of protection to avoid their extinction, now it is claimed that the whales have recovered and should be hunted again. No real evidence exists as to the numbers and breeding ability and rate of whale births. Little is known of most of these creatures life, so any claim that hunting them again is justified is driven by self interest, by the few countries that want to hunt, i.e. Japan and Russian are the main players on this bloody field.  

We homo-sapiens, call ourselves humans, the rulers of the earth, but where is the tenderness a ruler must have? Where is the thought that each creature deserves? What of the mercy, the caring concern for others whose lives we hold in our hands? How can we be called civilized when we kill for no other reasons but vanity, profit and pure greed, where is our humanity?

Slowly the blanket of life passes across one of the worlds most magnificent entities. Stamped out by the stupid, the greedy, or just because mankind can.

God Bless the Whales, they need it. Humanity demands that humans think and take responsibility and care of all of the planets creatures!

Whales are beautiful and need protection from man undoubtedly, but consider another creature of the oceans, which most do not consider beautiful, the shark! Sharks are the gauge by which the oceans condition may be assessed, they fill a vital slot in the food chain and without them the oceans balance would be severely damaged.

Man fears the shark and wisely, sharks kill on average one person per year and then usually by mistake, man kills on average a million plus sharks every single year. This wholsale slaughter takes place just for their fins or because they are in the way. Sharks die by having their fins cut from their bodies and are still alive when they are dumped back into the ocean, there to sink and drown. Where is mans humanity to the shark?

It, like the whale and the dolphin and every other species that man endangers, requires, and deserves our humanity and protection. We have a duty to the planet we live on to ensure the protection of the worlds animals, for without the ocean functioning effectively and in balance, mankind will cease to exist, as a healthy ocean creates our food, air weather and water, currently we take much more from the ocean than it can afford to give; much more.

The End.

© Copyright 2018 David Stevens. All rights reserved.

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