No2. Three Fat fairies & their Mini-Cooper by David Stevens

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The adventure continues in this series of fun bedtime reading childrens stories. the fairies aquire their mini and the world is their oyster.

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013



My name is David Stevens, this is the second free story in series of nice stories for children. For further information see:- Twitter at DS_books. & Booksie, Amazon or at: mygreenpublisher.



The Adventures of Three Fat Fairies and a Mini Cooper car

By David Stevens


Maria had a point, she had a very good point and so did James the caterpillar, and so her two fairy companions listened hard. They each also thought deeply and finally agreed with her, with them, with each other and themselves as well.

They would they decided find themselves a car, a human car and make it their own. Then they would go exploring just like they had before they got to fat to fly. Such fun, such a clever idea and now it was in all of their minds, fixed fast and set hard, they could not wait and so they did not wait.

Fairies are immune to the cold or the heat or almost any weather but they do not like rain as it can knock them out of the sky with its drops. They of course did not consider the rain that was gently falling outside, they had umbrellas and were walking not flying.


With the door shut firmly behind them, Felicia the oldest of the three fairies turned her wand towards the door lock and muttered a spell. The lock vanished, meaning that no one could open the door even if they had a key, except them of course…

This way called Maria the youngest of the fairies as she raced ahead, all filled with youthful pleasure at being out in the real world again.

She had been the most booo-rrr-ed of the three, she not liking sitting around doing nothing but eating all day whilst trying to learn to knit. She wanted to explore and investigate and to use her magic as she felt right, she wanted to have fun and excitement and play the big game. That was why James’s idea had so appealed to her and now they were all outside and she was almost running towards the scrap yard, her umbrella held high above her head keeping the rain of her lemon yellow dress. She always wore lemon yellow it was her favourite colour in all things especially curd tarts which she favoured above all other tarts. Her companions seeing her flying away on her lemon yellow shoes picked up their heels and began running after her.


I say running because if you have ever seen a fat fairy run! Then you know that it looks something like a duck waddling over rocky ground and is quite funny, though I would not recommend that you laugh, other than to yourself. Fairies are well known for not liking being laughed at, and fat fairies are the worst of them all I can tell you, but that’s another story!


Poor James would never keep up on his own Maria thought, half-smiling as she flicked her wand towards where he crawled through the grass a little magic could go a long way she thought, as she cast a simple spell. James lifted up floating in the air, with his legs working hard driving him forward much faster than he could crawl on the ground.

He had not wanted to go with the fairies and had tried to say so when asked to come along, but Maria had said, ignoring his arguments, that, ‘it was his idea, so he should come along for the ride!’ So he had little choice but agree with her, because she had that look in her eyes, the one that spells trouble if he did not.

James shook his head in horror, he did not fly, and he did not like heights unless he was standing firmly on something that would not move. Here he was lifted up into the air and being soaked by large drops of water that fell from a cloudy sky above and without an umbrella of his own.

Not he realised that he could not have held it up if he had one, he having no real hands, nor would it have covered him completely as his body was quite long and thin, but it was just the lack of thought, they all had umbrellas and so were dry, where was his.

The high wire fence around the scrap yard proved to be quite a problem, it was made of heavy thick wire woven in little diamond patterns that would not bend no matter how hard the fairies pulled or pushed against them. The gaps made were just too small for the three fat fairies to squeeze through no matter how hard they tried and they did try very hard.  As the caterpillar was on the other side of the fence and also encouraging them to come thorough as best he could by shouting at the top of his voice. “Come on then adventures are waiting”.

Where effort fails there is always magic, and that soon solved the problem, a couple of points of the wand and a swift muttering with each pointing and a hole big enough to allow the largest of them through was made in the fence.



A scrap yard is a place where people take old unwanted cars fridges cookers and other metal things to be dismantled and sold for parts or recycling.

They can be very sad places especially for the cars as it takes a long time to take them apart fully.

The cars are all stacked up in piles, left to rust until it is their turn to be dismantled. So the three fat fairies were inside of the scrap yard having entered right at the very back in amongst the towers of stacked up cars. Each of them looked up in wonder at how many there were to choose from.


“There you are ladies, cars, lots and lots of cars, pick one and lets be going!” Exclaimed the floating half-drenched caterpillar, hovering next to the three fat fairies with his arms tightly folded across his chest.


Choosing a car should be quite easy or so you might think, but first there were so many to choose from and also those making the choice were fairies and that has problems of its own. As mostly no two fairies could agree on the more important things like ; colour, make, style, model and who was going to do the work necessary to take down a car from the stacks.


Felicia as the oldest and most powerful of the three fat fairies lifted her wand, she pointing it into the air at a stack. She had known that it would fall to her to do the work, after all she was the oldest and with that she was also the most powerful as far as magic went. She pointed upward at a red car at the top of the nearest pile and with a slight utterance she lifted the car into the air and placed it on the ground.

“That will never do, it’s too big and it’s red!” Exclaimed the bright pink dressed Francine. We need something smaller, nicer and perhaps in pink she added. Felicia just looked at her and then back to the car she had magically lifted down, Francine was right about one thing, the car was too big. As for pink, no chance thought the pale blue clad fairy.

They all looked up at the stacks searching for just the right size of car, in just the perfect colour for them.


As you can see they were never going to agree with each other, and James the caterpillar knew it, so he interrupted them by pointing out a dark green tiny mini car with a white painted roof that had been placed half way up a distant stack.


“Yes.” Said Maria as she saw the car James meant.

“Yes.” Said Francine as she to looked up at the little car.

They all turned to look at Felicia as she looked at the car and they waited holding their breaths.

“Yes,” Said Felicia nodding her head and lifting her wand, “Perfect.” Said James, having solved their problem for them, and besides, the quicker they got the right car, the quicker he would be out of the rain…

The End, for now.


© Copyright 2018 David Stevens. All rights reserved.

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