No3 Three fat Fiaries & Their Mini Cooper S

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this is the third story and the last for now i think about the adventures of three fairies and their mini cooper.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




My name is David Stevens, this is the third free story in a new series of nice stories for children. For further information see Twitter at : DS_books. & Booksie, Amazon or at: mygreenpublisher.



The Adventures of Three Fat Fairies and a Mini Cooper car

By David Stevens.


Felicia the oldest and most powerful of the three fat fairies pointed her wand up at the stacked cars above her, she picked the one she wanted, she strained hard as lifting three cars at once was not easy despite it being done with magic. The three rose a little, wobbled a lot and then glided down to the ground, landing with a crunch and a splat as the top most car rolled of off the stack crashing down into the wet ground.

With the car she sought now available she lifted her wand for the second time, a slight utterance and the battered looking wreck with its doors hanging off and no wheels rose into the air. It hesitated slightly as Felicia looked for a place to put it down safely. She pointed her wand to an open space and watched as the car floated effortlessly across the fallen pile and landed perfectly in the centre of the yard.

The three of them walked slowly toward the wrecked car, it looked badly battered and dented all over but that did not matter to them. With a whisk of their wands the little car soon had wheels appearing, raising the car up a little, another swish and the doors lifted straightened out and closed perfectly. A third twirl of a wand had popping sounds filling the air as the body work pushed and strained back to its original condition. The paint glowed; the dirt of years flew off just missing the fairies and the floating caterpillar. The car was left sparkling. Felicia opened the driver’s door.

“That will never do she said clearly annoyed, her wand dipped into the car and pointed at the water soaked and ripped drivers seat, which then repaired its self. The windscreen was broken, but Maria the youngest of the three fat fairies and not wanting to be left out took care of that with a swish and a splat of magic, which repaired and cleaned and finally as a nice touch polished out the scratches on the glass. They had a car  a nice racing green coloured car with a bright white roof .

It was Francine standing at the back of the car that saw the neat scrolled badge stuck on the little lift up boot, which told her that the car was called a Mini-Cooper S. 1275 GT none of which meant a thing to her but it looked nice. She pointed it out to the others and so they now had their own green Mini-Cooper S. Though it was parked in the centre of a rather dirty scrap-yard full of old battered cars, looking very much out of place.

Felicia was just about to put that problem right by lifting the car up and over the fence, when from behind them a strange grunt and a crash and bang drew their attention and their wands. James pirouetted in the air twirling around as fast as his awkward body would allow him to.

The crash and bang was caused by a tool box falling off of a metal drum as a man, a large but skinny and very dirty man burst out into the yard from within the rear of a small van. He coughed, spluttered and through bleary eyes looked at the three fat fairies and their caterpillar friend in disgust at having been disturbed. Then he saw the mini cooper gleaming brightly and that caused him to gulp and stare again. He coughed for good measure as he looked down at the three little fairies with their wings flapping in agitation, pointing what to him looked like little sticks each being aimed directly at him sort of threatening him with them.

James the caterpillar who had been hiding behind the three fat fairies was another sight for the man to look at, it was a caterpillar looking flushed and concerned and a little scared of the man who was looking at him, and it was floating in the air something that caterpillars should not be doing!

The man clutched at his head, he looked down and watched as the mud of the yard rushed up to greet him, he had fainted and he landed face down in the mud with a tremendous splat that sent dirty tear shaped splatters in all directions, and that included towards the fairies with their wands out.

Felicia the oldest fairy saw the mud and swept her wand through the air in a circle very quickly. trailing her magic so that, the splatters were swept away. Francine twirled her wand forming a shield on which the mud splattered and stuck. Poor Maria the youngest of the fairies was not so lucky, the mud from the fallen man and the mud from her companions flew faster that she could react, it splidged and splodged all over her lemon yellow favourite dress. Some even splattered onto her rosy pink cheeks making her look most funny. She screamed then rubbed at her dress trying to get the mud off.


Now readers, just so you understand, mud sticks, it marks and makes quite a mess of your clothes and as such it is always best to remember never to try to rub it away. If you are a fairy then magic will work, if you are not then a washing machine will do the trick if you are lucky, perhaps after a long soak in soapy water, and also remember that you will have to have changed first or it will be very unpleasant. Maria was of course a fairy and as such she had magic to clean up her self.


Now back to the man on the ground. Though he had fainted at the sight of the fairies and mostly the caterpillar floating in the air he was still thinking, well sort of. He was remembering a long time ago and his intentions when he had left the army after the second world war had finished. It was called being demobbed, but it meant being sent away back to real life. He had been filled with plans to become a chauffer and he had tried very hard  but he had failed. After that he became a man of the road and that had been his life from then on, because he had never become a chauffer, mostly because he had only ever driven big thundering tanks in the army, not cars.

His thoughts were clearly read by the fairies as it was one of their gifts to be able to read humans quite well, even if they did not understand what they were eavesdropping on.

Felicia liked to read books, any books, and in one of them she had learned that some humans had chauffeurs, that was a man or woman that drove them about in their own car as a job. She quite liked the idea and having a car which was clearly much too big for any of them to drive as their feet would not touch the peddles, even if they knew how to work them the idea of having a driver struck her as being good if not perfect. This man could be their chauffer, she waved for her companions to gather close , she told them her idea whilst keeping one eye on the man who was blowing bubbles in the muddy puddle in which he had landed.

They listened and nodded, James also thought that it was a good idea, as one they turned to face the man wrinkling up their nose at his smelly and dirty tatty clothes.

“Those will never do, he needs a uniform!”

Seconds later he had been lifted up by their magic, he had been gifted with a uniform including a cap with a peak and a badge in silver and he was coming around as well.

They waited, wondering what he would say, they knew what he would do, after all they had need of him and they had wands to make sure he did what they wanted of him…

The End for now.


© Copyright 2018 David Stevens. All rights reserved.

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