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Goal: Cowboy Character Hits the Trail is a fun way for children to learn about planning. Organization skills are essential for academic success, but students must be introduced to the concept and trained in order for them to make it part of their study skills.

Instruction: Divide the audience into five small groups and give each a certain sound to make when it is their turn. The cue will be a certain WORD used in the story several times. When they hear the word in the story their group will make the appropriate sound. (It will naturally fall at the end of the sentence- the reader should pause at the end of each phrase.) Hand each group a card with their word and have them practice a few times. (More Fun: Have the entire class repeat the colored phrases.)

Cue Word Group Reaction Instrument
Wind Blowing sound / whistle Slide whistle
Storm Clap hands like thunder Cymbals
Birds Birds chirping Bird Whistle
Cattle Mooing Cow Bell
Bag of Money Cha-Ching Bike Bell

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013



Cowboy Character Hits the Trail


Cowboy Character had cattle to herd.

He could sell them in Dallas was the rancher's word.

His goal in mind was a bag of money.

So he pondered a while eating biscuits and honey.

He gathered his thoughts and planned the day;

For trouble was sure along the way.

Lazy cattle, wind, and storm

Wolves, rustlers and bees that swarm!

So as the birds sang through the morning mist

He thought and thought and wrote this list:


For the herd of cattle he needed a rope.

He needed his spurs when he rode the slop.

He took his hat for when the birds flew by.

And He needed his coat when the storm rode high.

He carried his chest for the bag of money.

Being unprepared was just not funny.

He wore his scarf for the dusty wind,

And He planned his trip from start to end.


So the wind blew hard!

The storm went wild!

The cattle were lazy!

But the Cowboy just smiled!

His plan was tight so it wouldn’t rattle.

And he rode to Dallas and sold his cattle.

Wind, Storm and flocks of birds

Couldn’t stop the Cowboy’s herd.

He made good decisions a bag of money to win.

For the time to plan is before you begin.




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