A Morning Friend

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Morning coffee with a good friend.

Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011



Most mornings you will find him enjoying coffee with a good friend.  She awaits his arrival and never fails to surprise him with her welcoming nature.  Generally, she is warm and cheerful, but her moods change with the weather and the seasons.  Few have experienced her alluring charms and calming nature.  She is very pretty with striking features including smooth lines and flowing curves.  She prefers earthy tones including various hues of reds and browns highlighted with white.  Her jewelry is crafted of copper, wood and stone.  Many come to capture digital memories of her with their Japanese cameras and cell phones.  Sometimes you will find artists wielding their brushes or charcoal attempting to capture a moment of perfect light.  Posing patiently, she is an excellent subject.

Occasionally, you will find him with her while seated on the wooden bench in front of the card shop.  On a cold winter day, when the dawn begins to break through the brick covered facades, the sun's warming rays imbue them, coaxing a smoke-like mist from the frost-covered cobblestones.  He closes his eyes and instinctively turns his head east, basking in the bright sunshine.  In the distance, a trash truck hoists its bounty into its rusted steel belly.  A steady swishing of cars becomes white noise as he seeks out more distinctive sounds; such as the water fountain gurgling from across the street and sea gulls calling from above, searching for remnants from the previous day.  The bell in the recently renovated steeple of the old North Church announces the hour.  The heavy wooden door of the cafe thumps regularly, as patrons pass through it seeking their morning elixir.

This morning he's enjoying her company while seated at one of the patio tables in front of the cafe.  Looking up from his writing, from the shadow of the beech trees, he glances around and marvels at the collections of spaces that surround him.  Some with walls and roofs, but others under only the canopy of the sky.  Many fresh and new, a few weathered and faded.  His friend, the Town Square, is more than bricks, trees and curbs.  She is a living, breathing entity with a loving soul that touches all who allow her. 


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